V-Diet Starter-Finisher

Hi all,

I’ll start by saying that I will probably post a bit erratically as I travel quite a lot with work, and I work quite a bit of overtime. That said, none of that will have any effect on my finishing this program. I am following the V-Diet to the letter, and have even managed to finally find a provider of the Biotest products here in the UK - not an easy task I can tell you!

I’m doing my first images this evening - it is my second day today (my camera just came back from being fixed), and I have done my measurements, but don’t have them to hand for this entry - so will post later.

About 10 years ago I went on an Optifast diet which helped me lose over 8Kg (Approx 16lbs?) and was really tough, but I stayed the whole course. So this one should in some ways be easier, as you actually get to eat/drink more. So far I am in my second day, and everything is going along well. I did get some sugar free gum to stop the bad breath blues, but otherwise everything is feeling fine. No headaches, no hunger pains (well, a couple the first day, late in the evening - so I went to bed instead of eating :slight_smile: ).

Right now I weigh in at 92.1 Kg or about 203lbs. I want to bring that down to 82Kg or about 20lbs lighter. That said, if after following the diet to the letter I drop 15lbs, that would be fine as a kick start in any case - and I’ll continue from there.

I’ve already had a couple of saboteurs at work, but since I am their boss, I told them to stop or I would get irritable with them :slight_smile: It seems to have worked…

Anyway, I’ll blog as soon as I can, and at least tonight for the piccies (ewww…)

Ok, so on to Day 3. Last night was interesting, I slept hardly at all, and felt nausea for the first time - a kind of slightly ill feeling. This morning was fine though and got up to do my NEPA without any problem at all. I have done the piccies (just importing them now), and while I already felt crap, looking at them tells me I look crap also. I found an old photo of me when I was younger (24) and really fit… if I can get anywhere close to that I really will be happy!

In terms of goals - I am using this diet to kickstart the longer training regime. Following up after the transition, I will be getting into a combination of cardio and weights. Last year I ran a 10km (6mile) in 55mins, but have since stuffed my knees a bit. So, I’m going to aim for other goals. Namely cycling for 30-60 mins a day, being able to do 60 situps/day, bench 100Kg again, get my lung capacity back up, and my resting heart rate back down to 50-60 bpm (it was once 45bpm - I kid you not). And mostly, be able to take my shirt off in hot weather and look a bit ‘buff’ instead of being able to do the ‘Homer Belly Wave’. (woohoo look at that fat roll…!)

All in all, I want to feel and look fit and healthy again…!

Ok, so stats:

Weight: 203lbs (92.1Kg)
Waist at widest point: 102cm/40"
Arms: 35cm/13.7"
Chest across nipples:104cm/41"
Torso (bit in the middle): 99cm/39"
Neck: 38cm/15"

I tend to do metric rather than inches, but have put both in.

So, onto Day 3. I am also noticing that all vanilla shakes is too much, I’m getting really sick of vanilla burps! I have more of the product arriving today, which includes Choc and Bannana, so am looking forward to that…!

Erch, have just been looking at the pics closely, and am feeling quite uncomfortable about putting them up. Instead, i have put them on the fridge alongside the younger version of me looking really fit. Believe me, both pics are stopping me going to the fridge!

So, I am going to pike out and put the starting pics up when I have a couple more showing improvement… sorry…

Oh, I also meant to ask, does anyone else find the vanilla quite sweet?

Ok, so end of Day 3 (almost - 1 shake to go) and I have just tried the bannana - yumm! (Thank god, one more vanilla and I was ready to throw up…). Felt pretty good all day. A bit of light-headedness around 3 pm, but as I was in meetings all day I didn’t get my normal 3pm shake, and had it at 4pm instead. Felt fine afterwards.

The workout I just finished was a bit knackering - in a good way, and I’m finding the NEPA in the morning (quick walk around a large park - approx 3 miles) is a GREAT way to start the day. The day is just cool and crisp, and it clears all the cobwebs out. Getting up early also means I’m not rushing around so much in the morning.

Ok, another shake tonight and then it’s onto Day 4. I’m really looking forward to the weekend weigh in and the HSM. Planning on a simple chicken dressed in lemon and basil, with a good serving of fresh salad (touch of balsamic viniger and olive oil).

Righto, will probably blog tomorrow, but not Friday as I am away on a work trip - back on Saturday. Feel free to add a comment of encouragement or just for a chat if you are stopping by to read…

aww too bad i like seeing the before/after pics of the V-Dieters! I hated putting mine up also with my big ass stomach hanging out but i figured it would make me accountable. Put the camera in front of your face so the flash will completely cover your face if you have to. But I understand if you’re uncomfortable. Just keep us posted as best you can!

Thanks Syd, appreciate the understanding. Once I have seen enough gains, then I will post before/after I think - cause the ‘fat’ pics will no longer be me :slight_smile:

I have a confession to make this evening though. I just couldn’t get all of the last shake down… I had the choclate one for the first time and dear gods it was sweet! Horribly horribly sweet… erchh! Worse than a mouthful of candyfloss. Sorry Biotest, but that choclate flavour just doesn’t do it for me. Bannana was good, and after a break from vailla for a bit, I’ll be ok with that too. Plain with some flavouring (suger-free) will probably be ok. But Chocolate I will have to take a small bit at a time…

Ok, that’s me done for this evening. I’m going to bed. Blog tomorrrow if I can…

Start of Day 4

Ok, so I snuck on the scales this morning (yeah, yeah, I know I’m not supposed to, but…) 90.3Kg, or 4lbs lost. At halfway through the week, that bodes rather well I am hoping… Can’t see it yet, but another couple of kg’s and it will start to show…

Day 4 and the NEPA walk around the park was refreshing as always. 40 mins - am I doing enough? Will have to look through other posts to see what’s best. The half a chocolate shake last night stayed in my mouth all night, and I woke to a really funky taste (eww). Back to Bannana this morning I think. Strangely the Bannana was really thick, but the choclate was comparably thin…

Blender blew up last night as well - smoke and everything, so it’s back to the store to get a replacement this evening.

Day 4 and NEPA was great - walk in the park (literally). Blender died a smokey death. Choc stayed with me all night for a funky morning taste, so on to bannana.
Ok, double post cause it didn’t look like the first one went up… anyhoo…

Wow you’re doing really great…4 lbs. already, can’t wait to see the new measurements posted up!

As far as the NEPA walks, i’ve read anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes per day. I’ve garnered this info from just reading the VDiet support forums.

I’m doing 30 to 60 minutes per day. If it’s a weight training day, i’ll do my training in the morning and 30-45 min. NEPA in the eve. If NEPA day only, I’ll do 30-45 in the am and pm. Gives me something to do also so i’m not sitting around the house too.

LOL @ chocolate MD. To me, choc is ok, I can’t stand the strawberry and I didn’t even know the banana existed. I’m trying to finish off the choc/straw ASAP so I can relax and enjoy my bland ol’ Vanilla.

Sorry to hear about your blender dying. I just bought a portable blender from WalMart for about $16 and it works great (oh wait do they have Walmart in England?) The blender is crucial to me though, it gives the shake a whole different taste and consistency when its blended with ice and I look forward to them.

Yeah, bought a cheapy blender at Tesco (Walmart equivalent), and it helps a lot with taste and consistency. Today could be interesting - I am off to the airport for a day trip to Scotland.

I’m not sure how they are going to be letting me through security with a bunch of white powder, even if it is just protein mix.

Oh well fingers crossed, and I’ll just have to buy some whey protein or something from a chemist if they don’t let me take it along. I figure I’ll have th evening shake when I get back this evening around 8.30pm, then a really late shake around 11.00pm.

Of course if I can’t get a shake or take the powder through, then it’s gonner have to be a reaaally long day on water. I’ll be damned if I am going to stop now though!

I can’t believe you like the chocolate, you must have the sweetest taste buds on earth! Vanilla is ok, but you really really have to try the bannana it is just brilliant. Much thicker than the other ones! I’m betting you like the marzipan surge too huh? :slight_smile:

Ok, so on to Day 5

So, Day 5 over and temptation has never been so high. I had to sit and watch two colleages have a lovely smelling toasted pannini each. I think I salivated enough to fill a shake!

Still, got through the airport with powder no problem (bizarre when you think about it - it’s white powder for gawds sake and they didn’t even look at it).

Had to wait until 2 pm for my second shake, having had my first early at 6am, so when the pannini’s came out and all I had was my shake, it was hard… very very hard… still, all good I stayed the course.

Got back in tonight at 8.30pm from the airport, then straight off into the workout session. Just finished, am completly knackered and shortly off to sleep the sleep of the dead!

Still, am quite chuffed with myself all in all. A successful day despite serious obsticles. I am sooooo looking forward to my first HSM tomorrow night!

Quick question - is lamb healthy enough (no fat naturally - will cut it all off), roasted in the oven, with no extra’s except herbs, and a side salad?

I am worried about overdoing it…? Anyone?

Ok, inspected the lamb cutlets, and there is waaaay too much in the way of veins of fat running through them, so I am going to have chicken instead.

First week measurements now:

Weight: 198.7lbs (90.2Kg) [-4.3lbs]
Waist at widest point: 99cm/38.9" [-1.1"]
Arms: 34cm/13.4" [-0.3"]
Chest across nipples:102cm/40" [-1"]
Torso (bit in the middle): 96cm/38" [-1"]
Neck: 38cm/15" [No change]

So, just under 2 Kg lost and most measurements are better. Was hoping to lose more weight in the firat week, based on the first couple of days, but I guess 2Kg/4.3lbs is not bad.

I figure I need to lose at least another 6Kg over the course of the plan to reach my initial goal. Given the 2nd week for most people shows very little change, I may be being over-optimistic. We’ll see I guess…

Will keep at it till the end…

S…congrats on your first week’s results! I just finished my first as well, and I lost 4 pounds. I too was a little disappointed that I didn’t lose more, but I did lose 8 inches overall.

Keep at it and you’ll get there!

Thanks Kristen. Well, it is Day 7, so officially the 1st week ends today. The HSM was great - and I think very healthy. 2 eggs on chicken which had a light covering of salt and pepper, with a salad and some cooked string beans. Simple, but felt great to eat.

I thought I would check my weight today out of curiousity for an ‘end of 1st week’ figure. Turns out I would have been better off measuring myself today! I came in at 89.8Kg, which meant I have broken the 90Kg barrier!!

So that is just a fraction under 198 lbs - a total of 5lbs for the week, which is just a bit more cheering than the previous figure.

Onto Day 7 and off to a long walk through one of the UK’s more beautiful historical sites.

Day 7 done, lots and lots of NEPA walking around the gardens of a historical manor. Shales all day, while watching the others eat. Still, what they had didn’t look that great, so that helped :slight_smile:

Onto Day 8 and Week 2 tomorrow.

WOW…it looks like you’re moving along great! I heard of Tesco, they have good rotissiere chicken (figures I only remembered the food part) :0

Your results are kick-butt girl! Almost 4 1/2 lbs. so far…KEEEEEP GOING!!! One shake at a time, it’s going by fast (i’m starting week 3 tomorrow, I cant believe it haha)

oops, guy actually, but I guess I never mentioned it in my posts (doesn’t really matter in the context of the forum though). I’ll take it as a complement :slight_smile:

Rotissiere has been taken out at our local Tesco - good because I don’t have that smell to deal with when I go in, but bad because I liked the smell !

Anyhoo, A day out with the family (took a day off work) and had plenty of NEPA. I can’t believe they ate icecream in front of me!! Arrrgh!

Thanks for the encouragement Syd, much appreciated…

Day 9

All is still going well, and am sticking to the diet. Decided the choclate needed to be dumped on the basis that it was inedible (undrinkable even). Guess my palate prefers savoury far more than sweet. What would be really cool is if we could get a mildly savoury shake flavour (or one we could cook like pancakes!!!)

Anyway, enough dreaming, on with the program. There was spag bol special (very very nice) cooking last night, but still I resisted - although I did insist on some being frozen for after the 28 days or so!

Onto finishing Day 9. Didn’t think I’d blog as often as this, but am finding it useful to keep a record. Hopefully other will get encouragement as well???!!

Ok, end of Day 9 (ish) and am feeling much more energetic this week.

That’s it really, bit boring, but hey just another day at work…

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