V-Diet Started

I started the V-Diet yesterday and ever since I’ve had cold sweats or been sweating and hot.

Is this normal?

Are you taking HOT-ROX? That might explain the sweating. How was Day 1?

I did start taking HOT-ROX, but have since stopped because of the above problems.

Day 1 sucked big time!

I feel like throwing up after each shake… I think it’s due to the Superfood.

I agree. The Superfood tastes like shit. Look on the bright side it’s only in 2 shakes per day.

Just chug those 2 meals if you must.

Keep up the effort , the taste may change over time as you get used to the shakes .
Just stay the course and do your best , then I am sure the result is worth the taste !

Kind Regards AndreP

yeah the HOT-ROX can def do that, are you doing 2 tabs twice a day? cuz i am sensitive to that stuff too, so i am doing 1 tab twice a day and its better. i also stopped drinking coffee altogether, no diet soda for me either.

also with the shakes can you blend them?i blend 2 at home, but 3 are shaken at work, VAST difference in taste in my opinion. other matter, have you done measurements? taken pics? how is your progress so far with the workouts? basic background for starting the diet? favorite color?

The shakes are actually starting to taste worse.

I actually like the shaken ones better, because I can get through them quicker.

Left Leg: 21
Right Leg: 21.5
Waist: 34 (what’s funny is that today it’s 34.5!)
Left Arm: 14.5
Right Arm: 15
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 165 lbs

I started this diet to finally see my abs.

The workouts have been killer.

Favorite Color: Orange?

It’s Day 5 and it’s getting a little bit better, but it’s still not normal. I feel great when I wake up in the morning, but I dread that first shake. I think I’ve developed a gag reflex to the Breakfast and Dinner shakes.

Everything else is pretty much status quo. Zero energy, mild headaches, gassy stomach, extremely tight muscles, and extra sweating.

My waist measurement is back to 34; the starting point. I don’t understand how that’s possible? I’ll officially measure at Day 7 to see where I’m at.

It’s Day 8.

Left Leg: 20.75
Right Leg: 21.25
Waist: 33.75
Left Arm: 14.25
Right Arm: 14.5

I still don’t like the Breakfast or Dinner shakes, but the rest of them are okay. My energy levels are up a little bit since the start and the headaches and gas have been minimal. My muscles are still tight during the week and I still sweat more than normal.

Very disappointed with the results so far; hopefully Week 2 will be better.

Day 15 Measurements:

Left Leg: 21
Right Leg: 21.5
Waist: 33.5
Left Arm: 14
Right Arm: 14.5

Most of the measurements are the same.

I’m pretty used to the shakes now, but I still get a little gag reflex on the Breakfast shake. All-around, I feel a lot better than Week 1.

I’m still disappointed in the fat loss results, but there are still 2 more weeks to go so I’m hopeful.

start posting your workouts and V-Burn man, how are those going?

Day 22 Measurements:

Left Leg: 21
Right Leg: 21.5
Waist: 33.25
Left Arm: 14
Right Arm: 14.5

Again, most of the measurements are the same.

I thought I was getting used to the shakes, but the Superfood/Flaxseed shake is just terrible for me; I feel like throwing up on some mornings.

I’ve been sleeping well the past week, but yet I’m tired. It’s a weird thing.

Only one week left; I’m pretty sure that I won’t see any abs, but it has been an interesting ride.

dshroy: My workouts have been so-so. Seems like they vary depending on my energy levels. Also, I gas out towards the end of each exercise. The V-Burn was good the first two weeks, but the last one was terrible.

Day 29 Measurements:

Left Leg: 21
Right Leg: 21.5
Waist: 33 or 32.75
Left Arm: 14
Right Arm: 14.5

I feel a whole lot better today as I begin Day 1 of the Transition phase. Being able to replace one of those Breakfast or Dinner shakes is going to be great!

I’m not sure if it’s related to the program, but I’ve been having a hard time falling asleep lately. Hopefully it will go away.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I started HOT-ROX again at the beginning of Week 3.

i’m sensitive to the HOT-ROX, so I just take 1 in the morn and another around 2pm. later on I imagine around week two I’ll try to step up to 2 tabs each sitting.

Day 36 Measurements:

Left Leg: 21
Right Leg: 21.5
Waist: 33
Left Arm: 14
Right Arm: 14.5

The Transition phase has been really easy so far; I’m starting to sleep better again.

Does anyone have suggestions on diet/workout programs to move to after this is done?

Day 43 Measurements (Final):

Left Leg: 21
Right Leg: 21
Waist: 32.5 or 32.75
Left Arm: 14
Right Arm: 14.25

It has been an interesting 6 weeks. I didn’t reach my goal of seeing abs, but I do feel a little bit leaner and about 10 pounds lighter.

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