V-Diet Started Today 6/3/08

So I decided to try out the V-Diet to get back into my youthful exterior. Since I’m from Denmark I haven’t been able to get the exact supplements, but I have tried to get similiar products. HOT-ROX isn’t sold in Denmark so I’m hoping they will get through customs from the UK. They should be here within a day or two.


Height 5’11"
Weight 193,2 lbs

Waist 39"
Chest 42,1"
Upper Abs 38.2"

Good luck

good luck i too started my diet today

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Good luck to you too rjcastr.

It’s the beginning of day 2 now and I feel ok. I had some trouble with the shakes, but I think it was mostly because I made them with too much water. Drinking over ½ a liter of shake made me really bloated.
Did my training and I had plenty of energy which I was a bit worried about, but everything seems fine. The morning walk was nice - got out before it got too hot :slight_smile:

Day 2 was horrible. The more shakes I had the worse I felt. The last one of the day was really hard to get down. Luckily I’m feeling much better here at the beginning of day 3. The shakes are going down easily so far and my training session went well. Let’s hope my body decides to keep up the happy spirit :slight_smile:

Hello from the States! I too just started the V-Diet (4-June-08). So far so good other than my on and off headache I am getting. Hopefully that goes away. G’Luck to you!!

Keep at it! I’m on day 11 and the results have been fantastic! Just keep reminding yourself of your goals and you will be able to keep your mind positive!

Thank you for your support both of you. The hard times are over now and the shakes are going down easy. The minor problems I have now though is that I’m extremely warm all the time and the occasional headache. They’re not bad at all just wish I could get rid of it :slight_smile:

It’s saturday and I did my first weighing. This is a result I have obtained in 4 days with no HOT-ROX. They will arrive today so I’m excited to see how it will work out when I’m eating those too.

Current Weight Loss: -3,5 Lbs

HOT-ROX can be a killer. I received them saturday and took the recommended 1 pill to begin with. With no side effects I figured I could handle taking 2 sunday morning. The result was the worst day on the diet yet.

I’ve been sick all day, having a real hard time getting my shakes down. I will be going back to the 1 pill twice a day and if I can handle that I’ll keep eating them. Wanna get that fat off as rapidly as possible.

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