V-Diet Started jan 5th 2010

So I’m starting this late, but I’m now finishing up Day 2. I don’t feel great. Day 1 was a breeze, but now I’m feeling crappy. Have a horrible headache and the worst gas. Anyone have any advice? Also I’m taking Rez-V, but am not sure when I should take my HOT-ROX in the morning. I know I take the Rez-V first thing in the morning, but how long should I wait to take the HOT-ROX and can I take it with my shake?


Haven’t gotten up the nerve to post my pics yet…

HT 69’
WT 205 lbs
Neck 16
Shoulders 51
Chest upper 46.5
Lower at nipple 47
Waist navel 40
largest 40.5
hips largest 43.5
Upper arm R 13.75
L 14
Upper Leg R 23.5
L 23.75
Lower Leg R 16.25
L 16
Ankle R 8.75
L 8.5

So Day 3 is now done. I’m feeling a lot better than I did yesterday. Going to post my pics tomorrow. Had a slight headache this evening, but better now.

Does anyone else have issues drinking the Surge? Bought the original and the raspberry, and I couldn’t drink the raspberry. The original isn’t great, but better than the raspberry. This isn’t easy and I’m only on day 3.


so here are my pics from day one… time for some incentive…

and the front

and the front… the last was the back :slight_smile:

So Day 4 is in the hole… Today was a good day, did 30 min of NEPA today. The shakes still don’t go down the easiest, but I’m just thinking one day at a time, kind of like boot camp ages ago. once I’ve had the third shake it’s all downhill.

You have a very thick and wide back - should look very impressive at the end of the diet!


I too have had some horrible gas on this. Sounds like quite a few folks have. I’m on Day Six now and it’s starting to improve. I’ll be starting my own log shortly. Best of luck and keep us posted.

Day five is down the drain… feels great… had my first solid meal today, a bit early, but wanted to get them on saturdays. Had a steak, soo good…

So I’m now sitting on Day 7. It’s definitely getting easier, but I realized today that Biotest needs to come out with a new flavor protein powder. It might sounds crazy, but the overabundance of sweet on this diet makes me think that we need a beef bouillon flavor of protein powder. On my HSM day I had prime rib with a bit of aus jus, and the aus jus was the best part.

[quote]dan81 wrote:
You have a very thick and wide back - should look very impressive at the end of the diet![/quote]

x2. Solid back and traps. Once the fat comes off, you’ll be looking pretty damn good!

Keep up the good work. I started today, and it’s killing me already! But this is my second time doing the V-Diet, so I realize that the hunger will subside eventually.

So part of this entire thing is honesty, well last night I fell off the wagon. It wasn’t a huge misstep, but it was a misstep. I was so nauseous yesterday, that I had some soup last night. The only ingredients were chicken broth, chicken, onions, celery, parsley, salt, pepper, and a little bit of red chili. I’m back on the wagon this morning, but I had to keep myself accountable.

Day 8

HT 69’
WT 201 lbs (-4)
Neck 15.5 (-.5)
Shoulders 51.25 +.25
Chest upper 47 +.5
Lower at nipple 46 (-1)
Waist navel 39 (-1)
largest 39.25 (-1.25)
hips largest 43 (-.5)
Upper arm R 14 +.25
L 14.25 +.25
Upper Leg R 23 (-.5)
L 23.25 (-.5)
Lower Leg R 16.25 s
L 16 s
Ankle R 8.75 s
L 8.5 s

It was a good day… I’m a bit behind in the workouts just completed the third workout yesterday and will post my stuff later tonight. I liked seeing the difference in my measurements today.

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