V-Diet Started April 13, 2009

So a friend referred me to this diet and I figured I would give it a try as I can’t seem to lay off the junk food and I do have a very unhealthy eating lifestyle.

Height: 5’7
Weight: a whopping 174 lbs
updated with body stats
Waist @Belly Button:39.5" (ouch)

I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but will try and get some within the next few days.

I’m getting married on May 23rd and would like to look decent in my tux and on the beach for my honeymoon…the main reason however for doing this is that I want to finally shed my bad habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle - both with being active and with healthy food choices.

So day 1 went rather well. The chocolate shakes went down alright, and the beginner workout wasn’t bad, although I was sweating bullets once I was done. I got home that night and also went for about a 45mins walk with my fiancee in the pouring rain…it was chilly but it felt great.

Day 2 went well also. Walked to/from my dentist appointment rather than taking the car, for a total of 55mins worth of walking.

Day 3…thing are falling apart. The chocolate shakes (which are the ones I’ve been having mostly) were making me somewhat gag. I sucked it up and soldiered through my day. After work, I did my work out, but hadn’t timed my afternoon shake properly (I had it about 1.5 hours prior to working out) and ended up puking after the workout lol…yay me…I also only managed to suck down about half of the Surge Recovery as I thought I was going to throw up again.
I had to stop at the supermarket to get some lunch meats and pitas for tomorrow’s potluck lunch at work…which I won’t be participating in as I have my lovely shakes :wink:
Once I got home I went for a 30mins walk with my fiancee and figured I needed to come post here as I really feel like quitting. I ended up txt’ing my friend (who’s also the trainer at the gym at my office) telling him I want to quit, but he wasn’t available to “talk me off the ledge” so I figured I’d come here :wink:
At this point I’m like “f-this, I’ll just look real chubby on the beaches for my honeymoon…I’ll just try quitting all my bad habits on my own without the V-Diet”

So my fiancee seems to think what I’m doing is pointless and told me I should have started exercising months ago in prepration for the wedding but I told her that I wanted to do this in order to ‘quit cold turkey’ on my bad habits and start with a clean slate.

Not sure what I plan on doing…I REALLY want to continue this, and lose weight, feel great and know that I have kicked my bad habits to the curb and finally get to the healthy life that I’ve been trying to get to for the longest time but have failed at.

Well that’s that. I’m going to try and finish my last shake of the day and then head to bed, and hope that tomorrow is a better day and that I can keep going ‘just another day’ and keep saying that till day 28.

Here’s the potential problem. You wrote : “I figured I would give it a try…”

I’ve been doing this long enough to tell when someone is going to succeed or not. You are not.

You don’t really want this. You have no passion for a healthy, lean, muscular body.

You aren’t angry enough. You are content.

Try again when you REALLY want it and can get rid of the lame, already-planning-to-fail attitude.

And if that pisses you off, GOOD. Use that fire to fuel a real change. If you have to, then succeed just so you can shove it in my face.

If you quit, you will never know how great you’ll feel and look when you get done. If you were going to get over your bad habits and all this some other way than this drastic V-Diet, you would have already done it. Obviously you havent.

This being sick stuff is normal, especially for people like us that ate like spoiled 5 year old children (me, all the way, unhealthy eating to the nines). You WILL get past it, and very soon, but you cant stop.

Just do whatever it takes, even if it takes an hour to get them down, if you have to thin them out with tons of water, heat them up, take them half now, half later, make them into pudding…whatever.

Just get it done, focus on one shake at a time. Not even one day, just one shake at a time, for now. By the end of week 1, if you are consistent, you will feel just fine.

And also, part of the process of eliminating these behaviors once and for all is to be held accountable. You put your stats here, your put your pics here, and then you got a ton of people waiting and watching and helping you…that are actually doing it WITH YOU.

Your girlfriend doesnt understand, dont expect her to and dont hold it against her. Your trainer sent you to the right place. Keep at it, push through it.


@Chris: Thanks for the ass kicking…it hurt, but that’s what it was meant to do. It has pissed me off, and I am angry this morning after reading your comment, but I will prove you wrong…day 4 and counting.

@Lisa: Thanks for the support. I started with a banana shake this morning…taking my time sipping it, and the flavor is more enjoyable than the chocolate at the moment. I’ll try and drink them faster as time progresses, but for now, just getting each shake done is an accomplishment and I’m congratulating myself on it.

I weighed myself this morning and am now 168-169. I know that the 5-6 lbs loss is water weight, but it IS a start and is giving me satisfaction in knowing that I’m doing it and not giving up.


Great, glad you got started :wink: You try mixing the banana and chocolate? Lots of people say they like that. Also, I got some sugar free Da Vinci Syrups in a few different flavors and that really helps, especially in the shakes that have Superfood in them.

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