V-Diet Started 07/07/14

This post will document my V-Diet progress, and thought I would share my experiences and results on a daily basis.
I have in fact started this diet on the 07/07, so I actually three days in.
I will upload my starting pictures shortly, and will be upload a new picture each week to show you any progress made.

I have been yo-yo training for the past 15 years, hitting very good levels, then stepping of the gas for various reason. (Injury, illness, but main laziness)

Physical change
Still too early, buy my weight has dropped, from 248.46 to 243.4 in just three days, I believe it water weight.
Attached is my weight log so far, I take this measurement first thing in the morning to keep it consistent.

Emotional change
It has been a bit mentally hard at times over the past three days. I am still in the solid food mind frame. Each time a thought of ‘yes I doing well’, my next thought is oh i deserve a little treat. Then i find myself day dreaming of food (not so clean type). duhooo!
I am also finding it hard to concentrate at work on complex tasks, in fact sometimes simple ones too. Not sure if this is part of the adjustment stage, but I will persist.

Excellent, managed to power though this so far. Energy level and motivation is perfect. No complaints.

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