V-Diet Started 06/11/08

Well, here’s to getting something good rolling!

I have all the stuff but the Flameout, which should be coming soon from MyVitanet

I’ll be posting some pics and measurements soon.

(2) gels of purity products fish oil 50 Cal
(2) 1.5 scoop strawberry shake 330 Cal
(1) 3 schoop serving of Surge 488 Cal

868 cals total for the day (way too low on a workout day)
I was on the road all day with no chance for any more shakes

bar raises
Forearm work

25 Minute bike-ride

Glad to have day one under my belt!

2nd day on the V-diet.

Woke up a little tired today; the HOT-ROX just don’t seem to do it for me.

I’m trying to get my workout routine set, still sore from the last 3 days of working out. I’ll probably just do some abs, chest/back today.

At work now; the idleness is what kills my willpower, if I’m busy it’s so much easier to not think about food.

Day 3 started!

I am somewhat surprised at how easy it is so far. After reading on other posts that the first week is so terrible, I am wondering if I am doing something wrong.

The shakes are still not as filling as I would like, I am going to get some cold-milled flax seed today to add to them; hopefully they gain a little substance from them.

I am certainly looking forward to Sunday, my first meal since Tuesday (started in the middle of the week). After that, it’s every Sunday for weigh-in and a solid meal.

I will be ramping up my workouts to include more volume, as this week has been a little logistically challenging as far as getting to the gym.

I will be doing some full-body workouts with kettlebells, as well as more compound exercises to keep my time in the gym as useful as possible.

I’ll be posting the pics and measurements on Sunday, so I can compare them with my progress so far.

Well, Fathers day was a huge blowout!

Falling off the wagon never felt so good, and so bad!

Back to the shakes today; workout today as well.

Laser eye surgery scheduled for Wednesday this week, with light recovery afterwards. I plan to work hard today and tomorrow to be able to take it easy after the surgery.

Overhead presses/shoulders and back for today, maybe a little chest. Need to hit the abs hard, been getting lazy in the last month or so.

probably a little biking for NEPA.

Pics to be added soon!

Ugly me; don’t be kind, I have been too kind to myself and it caused me to get soft!

My back, pre-V-Diet

The left side.

I just posted my pre-V-Diet pics, 1st week result pic’s to be added soon; I hope to see some improvement!

I think I look thinner in the face, but I can’t be sure. My weight has only dropped 2lbs.

It’s very difficult right now; my job requires me to have meetings and lunches with customers on a regular basis; I have been able to stay them for now, but I have two such lunches for next week! What am I supposed to do; I can’t invite them to have a burger and then drink my “lunch” while they chew, can I?

I am figuring that on those days I’ll have to eat lunch sensibly, as best as possible.

The Lasik surgery is also on my mind; it doesn’t really bother me, it just interrupts my workout schedule, I can’t have strenuous activity for 1 whole week! I’m not sure what to do with myself

Updates to come.

Hold up a second here. I’m sorry for getting to this thread so late but did you do the calculations to figure out how many calories you need? 866 calories is way too low. You didn’t post your weight but I’m guessing somewhere between 180 and 210 depending on your height. I’m at 177 and my calories are 1300 for non-lifting days and 1600 for lifting days.

I know it seems like less calories should be better but that’s not the case. Remember we are trying to preserve lean muscle mass as well as lose fat here. So go back and do the calculations to figure out how many calories you need. Then figure out how many grams of protein you need each day (1 gram per pound of bodyweight). From there it’s just a matter of figuring out how many scoops of Metabolic Drive you need each day. Check out my thread (“18 months later, doing the V-Diet again” or something like that) if you need help because I outlined exactly how I came to my numbers.

Also, 488 calories from Surge? You should only be using 1 serving per workout day so that will be 320 or 340 calories depending on which flavor you are using.

Lastly, you don’t have follow the V-Diet workout (although I highly recommend it since it is all laid out pretty clearly) but if you don’t, then make sure you are using a full-body circuit type of workout.

I have done the V-Diet before (and doing it again right now) and trust me, you will like the results but you must be strict and follow the diet EXACTLY as Chris Shugart outlines it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, most of us that read this particular forum are pretty helpful and you won’t get flamed like you do in some of the other T-Nation forums.


My starting bodyweight was 208; using the needing to lose over 35lbs calculations: (208*10.2)+879)*0.6)0.8 = 1440 calories for workout days, (20810.2)+879)*0.5)*0.8 = 1200 calories for non-workout days.

The abberation of the sub-1000 cals was just a bad day, I was stuck on the road and unable to get the protein shakes set-up.

Where would you recommend for the total-body workouts; this site is a great resource, but sometimes I get caught up in the fad of everything, different and exciting workouts everywhere you look.

I still need to post my measurement, i’ll likely do it after my next weigh-in and measure on Sunday 6/22 to show the change.

I am posting the side-by-side for start and week one right now.

Front, starting vs week 1 results.

Back, starting vs week 1 results.

Left side, starting vs week 1 results.

Overall, I don’t see much of a difference, it’s about a 6lb drop though.

I can definitely see a difference in the pictures and it looks like you’ve lost some fat off your upper abs.

As for the workouts, just go to the sticky at the top of the Velocity Diet forums called, “The Official V-Diet Workouts”. Choose whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced and follow that workout to a T. Also do whatever it takes to make sure you are getting your NEPA walks every day.

I understand your dilemma about having the shakes with work and a busy schedule because I had similar problems last time I did this. But honestly you just have to make the commitment to sticking with it and doing whatever it takes for 28 days.

I kept a travel blender and 2 tubs of Metabolic Drive in my office. Sometimes I had to pre-mix my shakes and keep them in a thermos or a cooler. You could also just take a few water bottles with the Metabolic Drive already in them and just add water and mix whenever it’s time for another shake.

Get creative if you have to but if you want the results you’ll find a way. Most importantly, follow the diet (and workout) exactly like Chris Shugart designed it if you want to see excellent results.

Thanks for the motivation; I’ll have to get a portable blender or another power mixer. I left mine at home once and it sucked to swallow lumpy protein shakes.

I have something to add about

They just sent me an email today that indicates they are out of stock of Flameout and are canceling my order and refunding my money; this is a terrible was to drive repeat business. If they were out of stock it would have been nice for them to tell me before I put a charge on my card, and before they intended to ship it.

I can not recommend that anyone do business with them.

On the bright side, the T-Nation store just emailed me and let me know that on 6/21 my order should ship for Flameout. I’m glad I didn’t cancel the order with them when took my money.

Hey keep up the good work. I just received my supplements and plan on starting the V-Diet on sunday. How do I start a thread or blog to keep track online here? Any help would be appreciated.


[quote]d-tox wrote:
Hey keep up the good work. I just received my supplements and plan on starting the v-diet on sunday. How do I start a thread or blog to keep track online here? Any help would be appreciated.


Check your PM’s.

Front pics, start - week 2.

Back pics, start - week 2.

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