V-Diet Start

Well, I’m going to join in with the rest of you and see if I can make this work. I’m not new to low carb diets and strict diets, but … it has been many years since I have done one successfully. I need to get in gear and I hope that this does it for me. The doc is telling me to get my act together, so, here I am.

I have not taken before and after pictures yet, nor have I measured, but I weighed in at 230 yesterday and I’m at 227 this morning. I am having a hard time making it from breakfast to lunch, so I am having a scoop of drive mid way. I have to work out after work, so, it’s going to be tricky to get it all in and keep the meals spread out. So far, so good. I have added some HOT-ROX in the mix taking one twice per day.

I hope to take before (ish) pictures and measurements tomorrow, but I have such a busy schedule, it is going to be difficult.

Hope to be posting here often!

Make sure you take pictures AND measurements ASAP. I cannot stress enough how they will keep you motivated. Very important, and, only weigh yourself once per week. The last week I was on it, I think I lost only 1 pound, but an entire inch on my waist. I would have given up if I had been weighing myself every single day.

Yeah, I get the scale thing … looking at bodyfat not weight. Right now, I figure its mostly water and the extra sodium that we get eating out. I need to get my measurements and pictures done. You are making great progress … I hope to be able to do the same. I cannot believe how out of shape I am … ugg. I also didn’t realize I’m supposed to walk everyday. Thought just not on workout days, so I have a bit of catching up to do. I’m in this for the 4 weeks, but week #1 might be practice (LOL).

Day 3 seems okay … still cannot make it from breakfast to lunch on no shakes, so, one scoop mid morning seems to work. So far, sticking with it as written (except for the walks - which I will correct tonight. Energy level is mild, but I figure I’m adjusting.

Measurements to come!


Time has gotten away from me. I did not take measurements, pictures, etc., but … I started at 230 and I’m now at 221. The diet works! My blood pressure has gone down and I’m starting to get back into what I used to do - regular lifting and activities. Except … now my rotator cuff on my left shoulder has issues. It has been doing so for quite some time, but it is aggravated now even though I’ve been careful. Physical therapy for awhile.

I’m going to continue for another 4 week shot! I’ve upped my HOT-ROX to 4 per day, spreading them out. I have added Indigo-3G. Not sure if I’ll add anything else at this time.

Doing well and starting to feel better. Now if I can get my rotator cuff better, I’ll be back in business!

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