V-Diet Start

I am now in my first day of the V-Diet and am looking forward to doing this. As I have read, there are a lot of people like me doing this diet. I am anxious to see the results and look forward to the challenge. I will post measurements and pics later this week.

Awesome. Keep us posted!

Viva from Portugal! I´m on my 4th day of the V-Diet, and it´s harder than I thought… The fact that I work with food everyday is not helping.

I´m not shure I would want to do it again. Ever. To be honest I don´t like the taste of the shakes and cannot wait for the HSM this saturday.

The thing that keeps me motivated the most is the curiosity to know my tranformation.Plus the sonavabithes of the portuguese customs charged me a ridiculous amount of money for the delivery
(250 euros-I make 690 euros a month).Had to borrow 100 bucks from my mother just to make it to pay day! Ridiculous!

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