V-Diet, Start Saturday, Holy S#!t!

I’m gonna start this hell diet on Saturday, im scared fucking shitless!!

iv known about the diet for a while, and wanted to give it a shot…but being an MMA fighter, had to pick the right time around fight training to go for it, and now im not fighting for a short while, im on it!

iv failed shit loads of diets, habits have gotten much worse, and as a professional athlete, its quite shaming to see my diet like this, usually when i train to fight im good, but the weight put on in between affects me way too much… but lately, the weight is harder to come off even when training for a fight.

fast food and fast food is my killer number 2, my main killer is, i live with my mother…and the cooking, snacks bought etc are the devil in my diet, at evening time especially…which is going to make this diet hard, as she’s not the most supportive at diet time…

i mention a diet, i get home from the gym, and il find a turkey roasting in the oven-along with other cooked dinner mother delicasy’s, an assortment of cakes, biscuits and chocolate’s laid out neatly and handsomly over the breakfast table for me as soon i go through the door…making it nearly/completly impossible to stick to the diet!

so, to shift some gut, and break my eating habits, the V-Diet is fucking having it!

I decided tuesday to go for it, after having to cancel my latest scheduled fight, and each day closer to saturday(start day) iv got more and more pissed off, im finding it hard to laugh at anything…which is a good thing i think, cause it means my head knows whats coming!

fucking V-Diet…FUCK!

i will have pictures and measurments friday/saturday

posting this on here is a massive step of committment for me, and i appreciate any support given! FUCK!!

You sound pretty pissed! Anger is a great motivator to induce change! We are all here for ya! Its a part of the ‘power of the system’ to have this great group of people to lean on!Good luck and much success!


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