V-Diet Start July 30 2018


Start Monday May 30
200 lbs
Upper waist-36
Lower waist-37
Upper arm-15.3
Lower arm-12
Upper leg-23
Lower leg-15.3


Good to see you’ve started. Looks like you’re in a solid position to dial it in to the next level and see improvements.

How’s it been going the first few days?


Yea hoping to lean up this month then move to carb cycling, averaging 2-300 cal above maitnance for a month to see if I can get stronger. My lower posterior need some catching up but I wanted to drop the excess fat before I started.

This week has been very easy because I have been so busy working until bedtime plus I’m coming from a month of averaging 18-1900 cal a day so my body isn’t taking it too badly. So far I’m averaging 14-1500 a day this week.