V-Diet Start 25Jan16

Starting V-Diet tomorrow. I’ll be checking in every day to every other day to learn from others and to share whatever adventures that I have while doing this. Measurements will be included within this week. Acta non verba.

Good luck. There’s several of us here consistently posting. I believe we’re all 2-3 weeks into the program. No one has died yet.

Here is my measurements. Current Height: 69", Body Weight: 242lbs, Neck: 16.5", Shoulders: 48", Chest: 46", Waist#1: 46", Waist#2: 47", Waist#3: 46.25", Hips: 46.25", Upper Arm (both): 14", Upper Leg (both): 27.75", Calf Left: 15", Calf Right: 14.5" As anyone can see that is some pretty rough shape. That’s why I am doing this. @NapalmClambake, glad to hear that no one has died. I’m still rooting around here for some good recipes and HSM ideas. Found a few that I am going to try, though, so far the hardest part is not grabbing that after work beer with the guys, or that cocktail once I’m home. So, this will be good for me in more than one way.

Finishing week 4 now, still alive. Best advice is to eat 8oz chicken breast, 2 cups broccoli (steam in chicken broth) and rice. Obviously season to taste. Very filling and tasty.

Fourth day in, hunger hasn’t been bad up till now, shakes have kept me satisfied. Coveralls seem to be fitting better, actually enjoying this more than I thought I would. Though, workout days, I just wish that there was more of them. Funny story, read the directions wrong on the plazma, and made a double batch, realized my mistake and put in enough water, stuff should work for Friday yet. Didn’t really feel anything with it, didn’t know if I was supposed to, flavoring, left something to be desired, but I digress, could be worse. @justted I’ll go get some chicken breast and start doing the veggies up that way. Thanks much.

Still going good, this morning was really craving bacon eggs and a english muffin, breakfast shake and coffee had to suffice instead. Has anyone tried mixing coffee in with their shakes? Pretty good.

15 days in, haven’t really lost any weight, though, I am getting bigger. Muscle mass I can presume. I feel more powerful, stronger, clothes are fitting better. Going to keep going on this train, it’s been fun.

Keep it up! Over halfway there. I’ll be starting it in March! Stay strong!

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