V-Diet & Shift Work

I am starting the V-Diet next Tuesday and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on when i should have my shakes.

I work 3 shifts, one week days 06:00-14:00, one week nights 22:00-06:00, and one week evenings 14:00-22:00 in that order and then i restart the routine.

What my question is, should i rotate when i am eating my shakes or try keep them at the sam time every week.

Personally, I would rotate them to coincide with the shift that you’re working. I can’t imaging anything worse than having to set an alarm clock in the middle of the night so that I could get up to drink a shake. Ack!

I was actually thinking about doing it during the day. The only time i would really have to worry about really is when i am on nights…

I get to bed around 06:00 or 07:00, i could have my first shake then. ANd i am up at 14:00 or before… I could have the rest after then…

I was just asking as i thought the V-Diet may work better if i keep a routine as close as possible to when i have my shakes…

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