V-Diet, Second Time Around

I did the V-Diet last year with pretty good results. I’m hoping to do the diet again with the goal of seeing my abs by Memorial Day. I weighed in at 181 yesterday with a waist measurement of 34.25. Ideally I’ll finish in three weeks with a weight of 169 and 2-3 inches off my waist.

Heyo! Another in the NY cult…where ya at?

UWS. You?

Day 1 of 21:

Not very hungry. I may have stuffed myself yesterday/got drunk in anticipation of beginning the diet. Tomorrow I should feel much more hungry. I’m trying to avoid weighing myself at all until next friday. I’m curious about my weight, but I know focusing on following the diet, instead of my weight, will lead to greater success.

Welcome aboard, H.E.

haha, oh


Day 2 of 21:

Beautiful day. Looking to do a lot of NEPA outside. Still not that hungry, which is nice. Have resisted the urge to weigh myself so far.

Day 3 of 21:

I started to have food fantasies last night while I was trying to fall asleep. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a hamburger or soup.

Couldn’t help myself and I weighed myself this morning, 178. Down 3 lbs from the start but still 1 lb over my low for this year, 177.

Day 4 of 21:

Yesterday was the first difficult day of the diet. It gets pretty repetitive drinking nothing but shakes very fast. I’m trying to distract myself from the monotony by looking forward to my HSM on Saturday. Also, I’ve been weighing myself, which I know I shouldn’t do, but I really can’t help but be curious.

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