V Diet, Second Round (Read: Got Fat Again)

Time for another round of the V Diet. I did the program before the holidays with good results (lost some inches, a few pounds, and felt great). Then I got sidetracked by Thanksgiving…and thus began my downhill slide into two months of general debauchery and eating my weight in high-end cheese, homemade pie, and goldfish crackers (the snacks that smile back are like crack to me). Seriously, it’s like I have zero capacity for learning.
So here I am again, ready to jump start my quest for a healthy lifestyle and getting my ass back into the gym (consistently). The first go-round was a great learning experience for me, so hopefully with less trial-and-error this time will be even more successful.

Stats at the (second) beginning:
5’7" female, 140lb
Waist: 30", 37"
Thigh: 23.75"
Calf: 14.5"
Arm: 12"

Now, I’m off to go work out in this unseasonably warm weather in an attempt to literally work my ass off!

Happens to everyone. Don’t sweat it (no pun intended). The upside is that you know you can get through the V-Diet and you know it works.

When you come out the other side this time, think about jumping over to keep an ongoing training log in the T Nation forum. The accountability and feedback will help keep you on track after. But that’s after. For now, focus on the plan at hand and crush it.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely check out the training log.

I’m back on track after a nasty stomach bug that had me puking up shakes (I might not ever drink a vanilla shake again). I’ll probably just extend the program over 28 days to make up for a rough start. The good news was that I got out for a walk almost every day (after Tuesday), or walked a ton at work.
I’ll go to yoga followed by a weight-lifting session this morning, and hopefully get out for a walk before the rain hits!

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