V-Diet Round Two

Alrighty, it’s time for my second run through the V-Diet. This time it is slightly modified in that I will be using a different strength training program as well as including three energy systems sessions each week. The extra activity will be supported by Surge Workout Fuel. I’ll be taking in 1765kcals on conditioning days (Workout Fuel included) and 1815kcals on strength days.

Here is the template, I am open to any and all thoughts. My objective is to facilitate rapid fat loss while continuing to improve strength and anaerobic power. Aerobic power and capacity will require a new program which I will begin after the V-Diet.

V-Diet Training Program

Workout: Sprint Work
Sprint x 100m
x 7-10 rounds

Workout: Strength
A1 Deadlift 4xmax @ 4-5RM
B1 Ring Push-up 4xmax @ BW
C1 Pull-up 4xmax @ BW
D1 Dual Lat Raise 3x10-15
D2 Hammer Curl 3x8-10
E1 One Handed Plank 4xmax time

Workout: Sprint Work
Hill Sprint x 50m
Ball Slam x 10 @ 20lbs
x 9-12 rounds

Workout: Strength
A1 Standing Rollouts 4xmax @ assissted
A2 Saxon Sidebend 4xmax @ 50
B1 Ring Push-up 4xmax @ 4-5RM
B2 Db Row 4xmax @ 4-5RM
C1 Db Flye 3-4x6-10
C2 Db Reverse Flye 2-3x12-15

Workout: Power Endurance
Row x 500m
x 6 rounds rest 2 minutes between rounds

Workout: Strength
A1 Front Squat 4xmax @ 4-5RM
B1 Split Squat 3-4x8-15
C1 Glute-ham Raise 3-4x6-10
D1 Gripper 3-4xmax time


If anyone is interested, I took the modified Westside For Skinny Bastards protocol and re-arranged it to suit my needs.

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