V-Diet, Round 2

OK, first a little bit of background: I did the V-diet 2.0 back in January 2009, and ended up losing 13 lbs of fat. I had to cut the diet short by a couple of days (think I lasted 24) due to having to travel internationally extensively. However, I did go from a 40" waist (I know, I know…) to a 35" waist, and went from 182 lbs to 169 lbs. Now, after 1.5 years of training, I’m up to 187 lbs with a 36" waist, and my lifts have gone up quite a bit. I do still have a bit of fat to lose though, so it’s time for Round 2.

Today is day 1. Made my measurements, and started drinking shakes. Basically the same as I remember it, although I had forgotten how nasty the shakes are. Made Shake 2 with ice and could barely choke it down–so for all future shakes I’m making them thin so they go down easier. Maybe in the future, unflavored low-carb Metabolic Drive might be in order? It’d probably taste like chalk but I think that would be preferable. Anyway, I stopped by McDonald’s and got the tastiest thing they have to offer (a drinking straw) and am using it with the rest of the day’s shakes. Today was also a workout day, nothing really to report there except I did the beginner program, and could barely do 40% of my RMs for each exercise in sets of 8. It’s kicking my ass so I must be doing it right :smiley:

One question–I don’t yet have my HOT-ROX, they should come in the next few days. It won’t be a problem to do the v-diet a couple of days without them, will it? I plan on taking 2 a day for the remainder of the 4-week program and the 2-week transition period.



Halfway through Day 2, nothing to report. A couple of observations:

Banana Creme tastes the best. Chocolate tastes the worst (tastes like drinking straight Ovaltine). Making the shakes thin and drinking them with a straw seems to be the most palatable.

Still waiting for HOT-ROX to arrive–should be here tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve been feeding my caffeine addiction with black coffee and unsweetened tea, the former in the morning and the latter in the afternoon.

I don’t really miss food that much, and am using the extra free time to work more hours on my doctoral thesis. Unfortunately, most of my friends’ social activities revolve around food and booze, so I won’t have much of a life for 6 weeks. Again, oh well, losing the beer gut is well worth it.

Day 3 has passed uneventfully. Had to skip the gym though (went on Day 1) due to a meeting at 6 PM I had to give a presentation for. No matter, I’ll go tomorrow.

Still not really missing food, and enjoying the convenience of this diet. I have noticed a bit of difficulty sleeping at night though–I go to bed around 1, and wake up at 6 to pee and have a really hard time getting back to sleep. I remember something similar from the first time I did the V-Diet, I think it’s just my body adjusting.

To be honest, I don’t expect much in the way of taste changes, because I already enjoy eating healthy food. I’m a big fan of fish, fruits and veggies, grilled chicken, etc. and have no real sweet tooth to speak of. The thing I miss the most is salt, I think. Fortunately the glob of peanut butter at day’s end satiates that.

sounds like some good progress so far, at least in terms of getting into the routine of it again, im sure your measurements and weight will show it as well soon. as far as the HOT-ROX i think the recomended does is 2 twice a day for a total of 4 (although if you’re sensitive to it that may change) i’d say just go for it till they show up, i’m pretty sure there’s not enough in the base package to cover the full transition so you should have some left if you start a couple days later.

Day 4–business as usual. For NEPA I’ve taken to walking to work and back (30 minutes one-way, partially uphill), and I did the gym session that I missed yesterday. The weights seemed a bit light, but was still sweaty and panting by the end. Next week they’re definitely getting increased.

[quote]nateschmidt24 wrote:
sounds like some good progress so far, at least in terms of getting into the routine of it again, im sure your measurements and weight will show it as well soon. as far as the HOT-ROX i think the recomended does is 2 twice a day for a total of 4 (although if you’re sensitive to it that may change) i’d say just go for it till they show up, i’m pretty sure there’s not enough in the base package to cover the full transition so you should have some left if you start a couple days later.[/quote]

Thanks! It’s far easier this time than it was last time (of course, it helps that I’m actually using a blender this time rather than stirring the shakes–ugh!) Since IIRC they don’t recommend taking HOT-ROX for more than 4 weeks, I’ll just start taking it when they arrive and keep on them through the transition period as well. Plan after the diet + transition is to go to V-Diet lite (2 shakes + 3 HSMs a day) until I run out of shake mix.

Day 5–Friends are having a BBQ tonight, but it’s not time for my HSM yet so I’ll pound a shake before going, chill for a couple of hours and then head home when it’s time for the bedtime shake. Too bad, a grilled steak does sound good. Also found a new way to while away the time when I’m sick of thesis-writing and it’s raining too hard to get extra NEPA walks in–Call of Duty 4.

Still no HOT-ROX :frowning: I’ve been going through a moderate amount of espresso (black, of course)–on the order of 3 shots a day. Looking forward to the HSM, which will be at a friend’s place this Sunday evening. Don’t have a scale at home so will have to do the weigh-in Monday afternoon at the gym–hopefully the solid meal won’t offset the results.

Day 7: V-Burn Challenge and HSM day! Did the V-Burn challenge about an hour after my first shake. Completed it in 21:17–it was quite challenging, although by no means debilitating.

The HSM tonight was had at a friend’s house–grilled chicken breasts, dark lettuce, avocado, feta, olive oil and vinegar, boiled egg, red onion and red pepper, all wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla. Delicious! Also had a glass of red wine with it. Feel quite good, and it was delicious, although as I mentioned earlier it’s the kind of thing I’d eat normally, so I’m not really expecting any changes in my dietary tastes. We’re already planning next week’s dinner–steak on my new grill, baked sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and grilled asparagus.

Unfortunately I have no scale at home, so the 1-week weigh-in is going to have to wait until tomorrow when I go to the gym. I can already tell that my pants are looser, and my man-boobs don’t jiggle anywhere near as much when going up and down stairs, yay! Bumping each set of weight up by a couple of kilos (5 kg for the deadlift and squat, 2.5 kg for the arm exercises). Hoping to do the V-Burn challenge under 20 minutes next time as well.

Day 8: Hamstrings a bit sore from V-Burn challenge yesterday. Nothing really new to report, except I weighed in at the gym (down from 85.0 kg to 82.7 kg, yay!) and my HOT-ROX arrived today. I plan on starting to take the HOT-ROX tomorrow, one in morning and one in afternoon and see how it goes. Don’t really plan on stopping until the bottle’s done, and I am done with day 8 as of now.

So, counting the transition period, I have 13 days of taking 2 pills a day and 21 days of taking 4 pills a day until the bottle’s done and the transition period is over (yes I set up a system of linear equations to solve this–sometimes it comes in handy being a math/physics dork!) From last time, I wont’ need to drink any more coffee once I’m on the HOT-ROX–the stimulants and caffeine in those little buggers is enough to keep me going all day.

Gym today, bumped the weight up, bumped the rest period down to 40s and added 10s to the plank hold. The bent over rows are starting to kick my ass at 22kg per side–took me more than 5 sets to do 40 reps.

Glad I had my HSM yesterday–now I’m ready to go another week. By Day 5 you’re crawling along craving solid food, and Day 7 is a welcome respite, a drink from the oasis that allows you to keep going on for another week. And nothing tastes better on that day than simple, all-natural foods–leafy salad, fresh fruits, grilled steak, etc.

Peace out,


Day 10: started taking the HOT-ROX yesterday morning. Took two yesterday (one morning and one afternoon), and felt fine but a little jittery. Took two this morning and felt kind of queasy, think I’ll stick to one…

Workout today kicked my ass! Even the beginning one is no joke. I completed it (using many sets) but just sat in the locker room for 20 minutes afterward. Drinking the Surge made me nauseated as well. Finally was back to normal about an hour later. Still managed to do 50 reps in 4 sets with the lat pulldown, so I’m going to definitely up the weight next week. The rest took me 6-8 sets and I was panting by the end.

Think updates will be a little less frequent (as this is more for my own edification than anything else) since it’s more or less become routine now. No slip-ups whatsoever, and never really tempted to.

Day 14: Halfway point! Went to a “tell-all-your-secrets” party last night, and while everyone else was getting drunk and eating chips I whipped out my last shake of the day. The people in the room (most of whom have guts) were intrigued, asked me questions, and commented that I looked thinner than I did 2 weeks ago. Yay! Also, discovered that when you’re sober, you remember everyone else’s embarrassing stories, and nobody remembers yours :slight_smile:

In other news, 2.5" off the gut as of this morning. And less than halfway done!

Today is both V-Burn challenge day and HSM day. For the V-Burn challenge, I completed it in 19:27 (as opposed to 21:17 last week). For the HSM tonight, I’m having a steak (400g of entrecÃ?´te), a baked plain sweet potato, a glass of red wine, broccoli and carrots, all from the local farmer’s market (living in rural France is a great way to avoid processed food and get healthy, wholesome ingredients, by the way).

Pants are quite a bit looser, feel more energetic and am basically in autopilot mode on this diet (hence the lack of updates–nothing new to report!)

glad to hear it’s still going well! kick ass v-life style!

Sounds great I had a similar party experience last weekend. I stepped out for a shake when I needed and everyone else just got drunk. I still had a great time. Keep it up

Thanks guys! It helps to read your encouragement when I’m trying to gag down the flaxseed-filled dinner shake :slight_smile:

Just had my last shake of the day and am about to head to bed. 50% of the V-Diet is done, but the V-Life has only begun! After the diet’s over, I’ll be making use of the Paleo cookbook I just downloaded, as well as the recipes on this site. For the most part though, I’ll be glad to just stick to simple things–pan-fried chicken breasts with steamed veggies, grilled steaks, omelettes with green onions, etc. That way, one can keep a lot of the simplicity of the V-Diet, but still have a lot of options to choose from (the less ingredients and preparation in one meal, the less chance that something unhealthy’s gonna slip in there).

Also, went back to 4 HOT-ROX per day. Seems my body adjusted quite well to it after a couple of days (have noticed my coffee consumption’s gone way down since I started taking it though–now all I need is one espresso in the morning and one in late afternoon).

Day 16: Weighed myself yesterday morning. 81.4 kg, down from 85.0 at the start of the diet. So Net loss is 3.6 kg, or 7.92 lbs. Also lost about 2.7" around the gut (haven’t measured anything else yet…)

My officemate (whom I see about 3x a month) commented on how much skinnier my face looks. Also, had a Skype session with my mom (first since I started the diet–she didn’t know I was on it). First thing she said was “wow, you lost weight!” It sure feels good to have people immediately comment on how much thinner I look.

Been getting about 1 to 1.5 hours of NEPA a day, mostly walking to and from work (30 minutes one-way). It’s kind of hilly so that helps.

Day 19: Nothing to report, just checking in to tell everyone it’s still going strong! Shakes are routine now, don’t even think about meals, just “oh it’s time for another shake”. The V-Diet workout program is still kicking my ass (increase weights every week, decrease rest period), to the point where I barely have time to move from one station to the next.

Fortunately I have a flexible schedule (yay academia!) so I can go at 2:30 PM when there’s nobody there. Also bumped up the NEPA to ~1.5-2 hours of walking a day. It’s kind of nice, I basically just use my car to get to the gym and back these days.

Looking forward to V-Burn challenge and HSM on Sunday!

Day 21: V-Burn challenge took 19:20, but was marred by me knocking a glass of water all over my laptop and floor… so needless to day, it was kinda slippery for the last few sets. Made a few measurements–disappointing Week 3 results on the waist (like just about everyone, I’ve dropped maybe 1/4-1/2 inch), but I’ve gained 1.25" on the chest! Weigh-in tomorrow happens at the gym.

HSM tonight was bowtie pasta (whole-wheat, naturally) with eggplants, cherry tomatoes, chicken breast, onions and a small amount of grated romano cheese on top. It was accompanied by a large salad and a glass of really good red wine. After it was over, I was full, but helped myself to dessert–a second helping of salad. I really think I miss fresh veggies the most on this diet (which is a good thing! I felt no qualms about eating all the leftover salad–without dressing, of course).

Last week–bring it on!

Day 23: Weighed in at the gym today. 79.8 kg, or 176 lbs. Down from 85.0/187 on Day -1!

I’m in the home stretch now. The days are just flying by, and to be honest I’m almost a little annoyed the diet’s over–I got spoiled by the convenience of never having to go grocery shopping/plan meals/etc! Will start the transition period, and continue with a Paleo-type diet.

Day 29: Diet over, transition day 1. Unfortunately my camera broke so no pics yet, but final measurements seem to indicate my chest has gained an inch, and my belly has shrunk by about 3.5". Weight today was 79 kg, so a net loss of 6 kg or 13.2 lbs. About to head to the store, think tonight’s HSM will be a spinach salad with cranberries, walnuts, beets, chicken and maybe a small amount of blue cheese.

Day 28+7: One week of transition down. Did have a couple of beers with friends but otherwise stuck to spinach salads, eggs, chicken breasts, pork chops, and steamed veggies (and, of course, shakes). Just did the V-Burn challenge in 15:42, by far my best time yet!

Sounds like you did fantastic! Admittedly I like the sounds of the diet and would be interested in the workout regimen. I am in the Army and NEED to drop some weight or risk a discharge for PT failure. I also have a sevice connected disability from a Line of Duty Injury in a far away land…:slight_smile: Whats stopping me right now is the cost. Also the workout, not knowing if I could handle it with the injury. I am intrigued however and plan on some more research.

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