V-Diet Round 2

Round 1:

I did my first V-Diet back in June and lost roughly 18 lbs.

Since then, I’ve been working on adding muscle while reducing fat gain in the process.

Pictures to come, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling since this is my first day.

Welcome back! And good luck.

Have you been able to add the muscle mass you wanted?

Also, will you complete the strict 28 days this time around?

Yes, I’ve been able to add a good amount of muscle mass. Unfortunately, I think I gained about 3-5 lbs. of fat in the process. I know that could’ve been avoided with eating healthier foods in greater quantities, but no use in regretting it now. Good thing the V-Diet will wipe out whatever I gained in only a few weeks!

And yes, I will complete the strict 28 days this time around. Last time I was unable to do so as I had to attend a destination wedding. This time around I won’t be traveling until the transition period.

Here’s me at the end of my 1st V-Diet (mid-transition).

Here’s a shot from today. Not happy with the fat gain, but that’s what the next month is for.

What a difference only a few days make (on my 5th day), mainly due to the drastic carb reduction.

Still got a full 5 weeks ahead of me though! I’m going to incorporate interval training during the transition (in place of NEPA on non-lifting days).


Great results for a few days of will power. We will all be watching and keeping you picked up. Good luck


Day 14 comparison to Day 5 and Day 1.

It’s my roommates birthday today and he’s on a modified V-Diet with me. So we’re making V-Diet Brownies (adapted from daven’s muffins – ). All I did was double the amounts and scrape everything into a brownie pan. We’ll see how it turns out!!

So here it is… pretty dry (as expected). I wonder if there’s anything I could add to the mix to give it some more moisture. I’ve heard xanthan gum being used in gluten-free recipes, so I may try that next time.

The ingredients to add are some egg whites and some baking powder. But they go against the deit.

Day 21!

Wow, I wasn’t planning on posting too much besides photos, but it’s crazy how much fat loss has amped up in the final week. Pretty drastic overnight changes. I might have to snap another photo…

They might not look so different, but trust me when I looked at the mirror this morning I could definitely tell there was fat loss, especially in my mid-section!

Your side view is probably more telling. Did you take any side shots?

Not yet haha… I’ll be sure to do that at the end of Week 4 (this Tuesday). I’ve got long-term goals in mind for after I finish the V-Diet, so I’m trying not to be too impressed with my current success! The longer I can convince myself that I’m still a fat slob, the more I’ll work hard at getting and maintaining the physique I really want.

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