V-Diet, Round 2


First off, I apologize for not being “By the book” with this thread as far as the infomation presented. The first time I did this I was by the book. The diet worked great…but after a lot of work travel and a broken rib from snowboarding I have ballooned again and have gotten pissed at my own reflection. This time I’m going to be driven until I arrive at my destination whether I need to take the 2 weeks then start the Diet again or not.

I’m on Day 5 of the V-Diet and everything is going well. Sadly I did not take measurements when I started but I did weigh in. After having done this once (before everything was shifted here) I knew what was involved, and it is surprisingly easier knowing what to expect.

I still wanted to post here with some visibility to give me that extra kick that I need. I’m fairly sure I’m over 30% BF (this may be high cause I’m always hard on myself) but you can make your own assessment.

I’ll post the pics and starting weight as well as the measurements as of today. My goal is to end up around 190# but we’ll see if I can make it there.

There have been some changes to the V-Diet now that we’ve gone to 3.0 . I’m still getting used to the changes but I like that fact that I have an optional Fiber One tablet at every shake (something to chew) and the spreading out of the Flameout tabs makes sense to me as well.

I’m not quite sure I like the flavor of Superfood but if it is anywhere close to as good as it is supposed to be, I can deal with shit flavored if need be.

Will taking the leftover BCAA tabs acording to the old schedule hurt anything?

Thanks and tune in to see the progress.


Ouch, broken rib. Kinda messes up squatting and deadlifting, huh? Good to have you back on board though for a second fixer-upper round.

[quote]BackDay wrote:

Will taking the leftover BCAA tabs acording to the old schedule hurt anything?


Not really needed now that we’ve added Leucine. But if you wanted to take 3 upon waking and 3 before bed, it won’t hurt. Or just save them for another time.

good luck!


I was really hoping to do some Sledge Hammer work at least during the V-Burn challenge…is there any way I can work it in IE tack 10 from each side on the end or something to that effect? Is there a phase that I can replace it with?


–Thanks Noreen, GL in your endevours for the V-Diet. FYI I bet you’re going to make a lot of guys on this site move to England. lol

Edit: I’m doing the Intermediate Challenge

I would encourage you to try something new, assuming the V-Burn style is new to you. Not that replacing some of the V-Burn with a sledge workout would “ruin” the plan, but the V-Burn is a pretty unique, stimulating challenge. And that’s always a good thing when it comes to physique improvement.


I know this is a strange situation. I have been missing shakes due to falling asleep. I have not been making up for them, I’ve just been sticking to the schedule IE if it is almost time for the next one I only take one shake. Should I be taking a double shake at the next one or should I be falling into the schedule as I am?

I’m in no danger of failing the diet b/c of this I just want to know what the right course of action should be.

Thanks for the input


4-12-09 (The night before day 1)



4-12-09 flexed


Weight - 207.8

rhr - 65 bpm
Neck - 16.33"
Shoulders - 49.8"
Chest-upper - 44"
Chest-Lower - 43.25"
Waist-navel - 39.5"
Waist-largest - 41"
Upper Arm L - 16.5"
Upper Arm R - 16.25"
Upper Leg L - 26.6"
Upper Leg R - 26.6"
Lower Leg L - 16.3"
Lower Leg R - 16.5"

No ankle measurements as they didn’t change last time over all 6 weeks.



4-19-09 flexed

[quote]BackDay wrote:

No ankle measurements as they didn’t change last time over all 6 weeks.

Congratulations, you do not have kankles. I think I might have a slight touch of the syndrome, as mine do change.

Keep up the good work!

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