V-Diet Results


Hey everyone.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Much easier than the original V-Diet

  2. My thoughts on the supplements

  3. My overall takeaways

Age: 37
Beginning Weight: 197.4
Ending weight: 187.5

Neck: 16"/15.5"

Chest: 42.5"/40.5"

Upper: 36.5"/34"
Mid: 38.5"/35.5"
Lower: 39"/37"

Hips: 43"/42"

Leg: 26"/25.5"

A little background. I started this diet 13 months after starting Crossfit. I gained 18 lbs the first year of Crossfit. Some good, some bad. I saw a picture of myself at the beach this summer and realized I need to lose some fat. I did the original V-diet 5 years ago and lost 18 lbs. I lost 10lbs on this diet. This new diet is infinitely easier. The 4 solid meals in 28 days was absolutely brutal. I remember fantasizing about food all of the time and couldn’t wait to finish it. This diet with the 1 Healthy Meal per day is easy. Anyone can do it.

Workout: I did my xfit box’s WOD 4 days a week. This consists of a strength portion followed by some type of metcon. Pretty standard I think.

NEPA Walks: My favorite part of the entire process. I walked for 1 hour at 5-6am everyday. Didn’t miss a day. I’m a futures trader and it really helped my performance at work getting up early and getting the blood pumping. I didn’t listen to music…just got in-tune with my thoughts. I will definitely continue the walks from now on.

HSM: I ate roughly 700-800 calories for every HSM. I then took half the serving of protein before bed to cut 110 calories from the day. I usually ate 1/2 a rotisserie chicken with some broiled potatoes and steamed veggies.


Hot Roxx: I took 1 capsule before the NEPA walks. Seemed to help give a little pep in the step.

Protein: I recommend the chocolate and vanilla.

Flame Out: As Rx

Alpha Male: 2 capsules in the morning 5 days a week. You definitely “know” you just took some type of supplement. Not sure of the end result.

SuperFood: I ran out on day 21. Totally lame. C’mon T-Nation, at least give you enough to finish the 28 days!

Plazma: First of all, what’s with all of the foam? Ridiculous. I had to make the serving hours in advance so the foam would go down a little bit. Also, the 1000ml, for me, was way too much to consume. I could barely get down the second 500ml. Maybe because some days the metcon was only a 12 min AMRAP. I cut back to taking only 500ml total, which i believe the female Rx. I didn’t see the benefit of Plazma.

Indigo 3G: I started taking it on Day 1. I will continue for 1 month after. I don’t know if it is beneficial or not. But it sure is expensive. $130 per month?

Z12: I took this before the diet. I love it.

Overall takeaways:

Much easier than the original diet. I would do this diet again. I would’ve not done the original again. Lost 8 less lbs on the new diet. Not as effective as the original? Maybe?

Not sure of how beneficial any of the supplements actually were. I would not buy Plazma again.

Like with everything in life, this diet largely depends on your genetics. If you have good genetics, you will see a more dramatic result. My genetics are not very good.

Before and After Pics:






Thanks for posting the success story, looks like your trimmed up those love handles!

How was your strength affected from the diet? Did you seem to lose much strength or LBM?


Very visible results. Good Work

I use a different product and the FOAM is the same, which eventually goes down.

Again, good work!