V-Diet Rescue Program

Hello all,
My objective: To start the process towards getting my bf % to 10%, currently it is 28%. This is a long term project that may take a few months but this is the start.
I am shameful of my overall health and physical condition and I am committed to change both. I have been weight training for many years but never on a consistent basis, that is my primary problems. My profession is fitness instructor and I am pretty good at it but I am tired of being a hypocriteâ?¦talking the talk and not walking the walk. I have clients all day every day, I advise them about the importance of diet, progressive exercise and living the healthy lifestyle, but I fail to follow my own advice.

I always say, everyone should have a trainer, if not for anything but the accountability factor. Someone to keep you accountable for doing your workouts and maintaining a clean diet. For me, the V-Diet forum will be the person I am accountable to. My plan is to keep an open honest journal of my progress.
I am very excited to start the process!!!

front view

back view

side view

Day 1… my stats

Height - 6’2"
Weight - 300
Body fat - 28%
Neck - 18
Chest - 50
Waist - 45.5
Hips - 50.5
Upper arm - 20
Upper Leg - 31

My first day is coming to an end, i stayed late at the gym to finally get my V-Diet thread started.

Everything went well today, for the most part!

Diet: All the shakes went down pretty smoothly, i was not hungry at all during the day but i did notice was the HOT-ROX has an affect that require some getting used to, the dose was 1 in the morning and 1 in the early evening. I found that i was a little jittery also it makes me sweat quite easily. We will see what happens tomorrow.

Workout: I am doing the advanced training program, i am not sure if my current conditioning will allow me to do well at this level but me my EGO will not allow for anything less.

Started with the wed workout. Overall i had a hard time. First, my muscles started to cramp after my first set of my first exercise, i believe it due to the HOT-ROX in my system. No matter, i continued and made it through.

I have read a lot of the other V-Dieters workout logs and a lot of them breezed through the early workouts, i do wonder if they were following the 30sec rest time between sets. I found it somewhat difficult sticking to the short rest period but i will surely get better, cant get worse!!

Looking forward to day 2.

Day 2

Woke up hungry this morning, which is unusual for me, I think it’s because late night eating was my normal pattern of eating. I am still experiencing some muscle cramping, every time I stretch or flex my muscles. My body is getting used to the HOT-ROX, the jitters are not as bad as yesterday.

Shakes are still tasty and going down smoothly.

Nepa… walked on treadmill 40mins at sp 3.o incline 4.o

Congrats on taking the plunge! We are all here for ya and it really helps to have someone to lean on and to be accountable to! Its part of the strength of the system! You obviously have some knowledge of what it takes. Good luck and much success!


11/17/09â …today is day 7 of the V-Diet.

I have NOT noticed not much if any physical change as yet and I have been following the program as written. With me being in the fitness business, I am not discouraged but I do believe some changes may be in order for me to start a fire in my transformation.

I am totally committed to the program and will see it to the endâ?¦but the first change I will make is to increase the intensity of my Nepa, for me, it may have been too passive. Letâ??s see what happens over the next week.

Things I have noticed over the first week of the diet:

  1. Fiber pills are not an option…

  2. It is best to stick to a specific scheduled feedings; it is too easy to lose track of how many shakes or meal have been consumed throughout the day. I now know if I have my first shake at 8am then I will have my last one at 8pm, exactly 12 hours later.

  3. I now have the presence of mind to refuse food I would thoughtlessly put in my mouth and not give it a second thought. Whether its food taken from the fridge at night, a piece of candy from a friends desk at work, finishing up the food from your girlfriendâ??s plate, or even having an extra meal when visiting mom(it hard to refuse mom when she offers but something has to give). The list goes on and on but you get the idea.

  4. We can do more Nepa, especially for those people that sit at a desk most of the day and then the couch at night, which includes me. My job does not involve too much physical movement but I could make some slight adjustment that will surely allow me to burn some more calories.

  5. The nut butter shake is a nice end of day treat, the first couple of days I skipped the nut butter, and what was I thinking? Itâ??s a good way to ease some of the late night urges to snack.

The fight goes on!!!


Thank you for the support and encouragement. I found your posts to be inspirational and educational and good luck you on the final leg of your second V-Diet. You are the Man!!!


So… how was the first week!? Thanks for the kind words. It has been TOUGH! Have you seen the video that Tirith posted in my thread? Its worth checking out. Continued success…


UPDATE…i have been on my death bed for the last 8 days, as a result my diet went south. But now i am back to 100 percent and its day one all over again. I was disappointed about having to stop after a full week but Shyt happens. I am still not sure what caused my to get sick but it will not happen again, at least not this year.

I will update next week…

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