V-Diet Reps and Sets

Very quick one, I understand the progressions between beginner, intermediate and advanced and the changes in times but what type of Rep/Set scheme should we use for each day? I have done V-Diet version 2.0 twice so I understand that each day sort of has a different style, should I just figure it out based on the intensity (5 set of 8 for medium and maybe 5 sets of 10 for the light)?


The reps/sets are explained in detail in one of the tabs in the V-Diet section.

In a nutshell, select a weight that allows you to hit the target repetitions on the first set of that exercise. You’ll probably do fewer reps on subsequent sets. Keep going until you hit the designated number, no matter how many sets it takes.

Tab #4 gets into the details.

Thanks Chris, figured it out after a bit more looking, what about the progression for timed things like the front and side planks?

I believe Coach Waterbury wants you to do one set to failure for those. Sorry, that wasn’t clear in the workout description.

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