V-Diet Redux - Road to 200 and Below!


I did my first V-Diet last June and made it all 28 days completely strict diet wise, but I slacked on the NEPA and workouts. I still lost 10lbs and enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, I allowed my emotional eating habits to resurface and have returned to almost exactly where I was before I started my first V-Diet, albeit with a better body composition due to intermittent training since then.

My goal for this V-Diet is to lose enough weight so that I never see the scale start with a 2 again, and for this to be the last diet I ever go on, just healthy living from now on.

Since I slacked on the exercise last time around, I’m going to make exercising a huge priority and refuse to skip a workout or NEPA. I’m going to post everyday to keep myself on track. I just started Ripptoe’s Starting Strength a few weeks ago and am keeping a log in the training logs forum, and I plan on continuing this program. I know it is not the most efficient program for fat-loss, but I need to stick with a program for once, so I figure I’ll just compensate with extra NEPA. I’m curious to see if I can increase my strength on this diet.

One month to get below 200, something I’ve been trying to accomplish for years. Its fucking happening.

Starting weight 213. A little bloated today after eating like crap yesterday, yesterday my weight was about 211.


I’ve been there mate, this happend to me twice before with a little more gained aswell, this time on my 3rd v and sticking to it.

lost 18lbs so far and its DAY 15.

I hope you carry it through and continue living the life after the diet!!!


18 pounds in 15 days, that’s awesome man. Finish strong and I’ll start strong!


Sounds like a plan to me!


Just finished my last shake of the day, not hungry, lifted hard earlier, walked to and from the gym, took the dog on long walks, and I’ll be walking around a lot tonight at work. Unfortunately I’ll be working night shifts (8pm to 8am) intermittently during my diet, including tonight, but hopefully this won’t hamper my progress too much. Whatever happens, I’m finishing this thing and doing it right, no excuses.


So I worked a 20 hour shift last night into today, then I got home around 2pm today not having a shake since last night. I stopped being hungry this morning and just decided to pulse fast today since I pretty much slept all day and am about to go to bed again. Just finishing up my third pulse fast shake, but now I’m out of MAG-10. Fortunately I’m ready for bed and not hungry. This actually seems to be working out just fine, and hopefully it’ll expedite my fat loss.

I walked around plenty at work and played volleyball with some co-workers and patients, definitely some good NEPA. This V-Diet is going great. I was offered free food from the cafeteria at work today but saved it for my friend, and I also went on a burrito run for several co-workers (and at that point I was really hungry) and even though my supervisor gave me money for gas and food for myself, I still managed to hold off until I got home for my shakes.

26 days left, 26 days until no more love handles!


Great restraint! Well done keep up the good work!


Had my first HSM last night, want them to be on Saturdays. I had chicken and beef fajitas with lots of onions and peppers and guacamole, yummy. Lifted hard right afterward.


This V-Diet is going to have be temporarily suspended. Unexpected travel plans, V-Diet wouldn’t be appropriate under the circumstances.