V-Diet Questions

Hi Chris,

I am very keen on the V-Diet and planning to go on it, one major problem is the fact that I live in London UK and was wondering if I could order the supplements from the site and get them delivered to me here.

I am a 32 male, 191 cm, 90 kg, go to gym 5 times a week.

On the other hand I think I need an exercise focoused on my core as my belly is poped out(beer belly) and I think it is mainly due to weak abs, particularly the lower ab and by weak I mean bloody awful!



Contact Biotest customer service about your shipping question, but we have many UK V-Dieters reporting here on this forum, so check those threads out too.

As for your abs, it’s probably more of an excess body fat issue than a weak core issue, but either way the V-Diet will take care of the fat and the Velocity training program will greatly strengthen your core – lots of abs/core work involved.

Yep, Ali-x (see “Ali’s super-dooper vdiet log”) is from the UK.

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