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This question is for people who have done the Vdiet. Im looking at possibly giving the diet a try and was wondering how a total non-solid diet is on your stomach. Do you feel sick after a while, do you have constant diahrea? The morning after your solid meal does it feel like a brick is sitting in your stomach? I just want to know what I am in for. Thanks


Your fine as long as you get in your fiber, stay hydrated, and don’t eat a big heavy carb meal on the HSM.


I had fiber chewies and drank water by the 5 galloon jug. I mainly went hungry but none of the side-effects you are concerned with.


Same as GetSwole and Growing_Boy for me.

The shake might be liquid but digesting micellar casein feels (to me anyway) as demanding as food.


Instead of those fiber chew things, I added 1-2 tsp of psyllium husk to each shake. It made the shakes more satisfying, and really helped with the fiber intake.


I experienced none of that stuff. After my HSMs (which contained no starchy carbs) I did have to poop real bad, but nothing crazy.



I’m on day 5 of my V-Diet. The only trouble I had was on day 1 as my body adjusted to the shakes from my previous 2-day junk food fest. Just a little headache, slight nausea and general malaise. It lasted half the afternoon and I have felt perfectly fine ever since.

I haven’t had my 1st SHM yet but will let you know.


I had a lot of problems with an upset stomach.
The easiest remedy I found was to drink a diet ginger ale after consuming my first shake.

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