V-Diet Question

Two questions - First one is, I’m currently 46, 6’ 190. Just had a scope done on my left shoulder and won’t be able to weight train for about another three weeks. I’d like to get sculpted and cut. Would this Diet serve me well? Or possibly just start the regimen in the Transition phase?

I also was on T-therapy which I stopped six weeks ago due to my surgery, which helped me from workout standpoint, but not sexually with my partner. Any suggestions on that would be appreciated too.

Secondly - My buddy is 6’4" 315 and needs this terribly bad. He is going to commit to the program but need to understand the difference in shakes for someone my size, versus someone his size. Is there a different protocol on size of shakes due to calorie intake needed?

I would not suggest the full V-Diet, or any strict diet really, for someone who cannot weight train. Better to wait until you’re fully healed and ready to hit the weights. Starting it in the Transition phase would be a better idea though: one HSM or healthy solid meal per day. You won’t need the Surge Recovery without weight training though as it’s only used post-lifting.

Look into <a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male or <a href=""target=“new”>Tribex for the bedroom issues. I notice your handle is “txrunner22.” Are you a long distance runner? Too much of that can curb sex drive and performance as well (as well as being a vegetarian, but that’s illegal for we Texans so I assume that’s not an issue.)

As for your buddy, he probably falls into the “outlier” category i.e. he can do the V-Diet but the calculator doesn’t “fit” him well due to his height and bigger stature. But I doubt he’s 315 pounds of muscle, so he could use the upper range of the calculator and go by the plan it gives it. So, he’d put “265” in the calculator and follow that plan.

Thanks - funny, no, not a vegetarian. I run at short intervals(15min/3x week), short intervals with intense speed varying levels. More frequently lately due to shoulder scope. I’ll look into the other advice regarding the bedroom issue. Did have bloodwork done and verified, low T.

I follow your wife and you on Twitter, and want to give you some free tickets for a Rockies baseball game. It’s my line of work I’m in. I’ll try reaching out some other way, since I know it’s impossible here.

Does part of your T-therapy include HCG? I’m no expert in that area but your doc may be able to offer some advice.

Yes, tried that in unison too.

Have you checked around for info in our T Replacement forum? Some knowledgeable people there:

Yes, I’ve looked at that forum. I’m going to try and do re-start on T next year possibly. I’m getting on V-diet(transition phase) in a few weeks, after shoulder is fully healed.

Your wife got back to me on FB. Thanks!

My big buddy, 6’4/324, on day 11 on V-Diet. He is hanging in there with loss of 20 lbs so far…doing a great job!

Chris, cannot get into the information on V-Diet on the T-Nation page…is the site down for maintenance? I’m beginning my 28 day transition phase today and needed to print off workouts. Thanks!

[quote]txrunner22 wrote:
Chris, cannot get into the information on V-Diet on the T-Nation page…is the site down for maintenance? I’m beginning my 28 day transition phase today and needed to print off workouts. Thanks![/quote]

Not sure if was down, but this link is working now:

If you find another link that’s not working, please let us know. Thanks!

EDIT: I see what you mean. You can get to the page but can’t click through the tabs. Let me check on that.

Working now it seems:

Chris - My large friend(6’4" - 324), lost 34 pounds during the first 28 days of the V-Diet. This past week he thinks he has plateau’d according to him, remaining at 290 ish. Is this normal? Does he need to kick start anything again. He has followed the program to a T! Currently having two shakes a day with one HSM. Also taking Flameout 4 times a day/HOT-ROX morning and dinner.

Thanks, appreciate the help with him.

The is quite normal. Fat loss is not consistent. Typically, when someone had a “slow” week or two, there’s a “fast” week or two to follow. As long as there are no gaps - cheat meals, alcohol, lack of training, etc - then it’s pretty much impossible to stall out forever on a lower calorie, lower carb diet for someone who still has a quite a bit to lose. Make sure he’s also doing the tape measurements, which are more accurate (and motivational) than the scale.

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