V-Diet/Pulse Fast Experiment


So I’ve never done a V-Diet but Im going to try one with a pulse fast twice a week. I started Monday at 190. Not sure where Im at now since my scale decided to break but I can weigh myself when I get to the gym on Thursday. Ive got HOT-ROX on the way and Ill be switching back and forth between MD and another protein since I have both sitting around.

Everything else Im following as listed, though at some point I will run out of Surge so I might use Workout Fuel and Mag-10 in its place, not sure yet. I plan on following this anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks depending on how fast it effects me.

I decided to do this partially because I want to lean up for the soccer season coming up and partially because Im curious how my body will respond to this. I was following many V-Life principles before to great effect but my diet has slipped since my fall season ended. For a little extra motivation, I made a $20 bet with my roomate on who could go longer without solid food figuring if I lost the bet because I consumed my HSM on the weekend, the effects would be well worth the money lost. But, he lasted only 18 hours so there goes that. Thats why Im starting this log, to keep me honest even though I dont expect anyone to waste their time reading this.