V-Diet Prerequisites?

Hi Chris,

Just to confirm if I’m the ideal candidate for the V-Diet before I start and whether I will see great results.

Essentially I’m the classic skinny fat body type. 173cm, 76kg (168lb) at 22% BF(Visceral 11%).

Should I bulk up with strength training and eat tonnes of clean and natural food first and then lean down later with the V-Diet or should I just go ahead with the V-Diet first and lean down to low BF before bulking up?

I am just worried that without much lean muscle mass to begin with, the V-Diet might not show up much muscularity.

Looking forward as always to you to shed some light.


I usually recommend to lose the fat first if you have plenty to lose. That way when you go on a mass phase, you’ll gain mostly muscle. Those who “bulk” when already carrying too much body fat tend to gain more fat than muscle.

But it also sounds like you’d be an ideal candidate for <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. Click that link and check it out.

Hi Chris,

Just received my 4 bottles of Indigo 3G. Bought it on your recommendation for target fat burn in stubborn areas and to save the carbs and protein for muscle building and recovery.

How should I fit it and incorporate it into my V-Diet plan? When do I take the 6 capsules? Split them out twice a day, 3 caps each time?
First thing upon awaking in the morning? Can it be taken together with HOT-ROX before my Nepa walks or better before the strength workouts? Peri/post workout? When is the best time to take it for maximum results? And what should I avoid doing?


The V-Diet is probably too low in carbs for Indigo-3G. It’s a nutrient repartitioning agent and the V-Diet is a lower carb plan. I normally do not recommend Indigo-3G for people on the V-Diet. I would save Indigo for after the V-Diet. As for how to take it, have your read the label yet? All the info is there.

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