V-Diet Physiological Mechanisms


I’m not a doctor or a biomedical engineer, but am I correct in assuming that the V-Diet works mainly through ketosis?


No. Lots of info here:


That’s the psychological aspect of it, and I understand that, but I want to know how the V Diet makes the body drop body fat so friggin fast while maintaining muscle mass compared to other diets.


Reduced calories and carbs, proper supplementation.


That reminds me, the other night I was in the bathroom looking for a towel when I saw my box of ketosis strips so I thought I’d check just for the heck of it. And as expected, I was not in ketosis.


Wouldn’t ketosis lead to lipolysis, which is the destruction of triglycerides (fatty tissue death)…or is ketosis a bad thing?


Not sure but it doesn’t really matter since this diet does not put you into ketosis. I’m getting 50+ grams of carbs on non-lifting days and over 100 grams on lifting days. Way too much for ketosis.