V-Diet & Physical Disability?

You’ll have to pardon me if this is answered elsewhere and I missed it. If it is, please point me to the thread.

I have a friend who wants to start the V-Diet program, but he has a couple issues. He’s read through the material on the V-Diet, to include all the commentary about not substituting any exercises (because you are not a precious snowflake) and doing the program exactly as it is laid out.

The problem is, he is missing his lower right leg below the mid-calf point - which means he has no foot, ankle, or lower calf. He has a prosthetic, but anyone who has ever lost a limb knows it isn’t the same and it messes with your balance and stability, etc…

Thus, almost all the squatting is out because there is no strength or ROM in the prosthetic. I have seen him DL - which requires a long explanation I don’t have time for right now - and he can do step ups… anyway, to make a long story short, he is going to have to modify the V-Diet training program in order to do it. I personally feel that as long as you find an exercise working similar groups to one in the program, and you load the move according to V-Diet specs, it isn’t going to make much - if any - of a difference. But we wanted validation for this, since so much has been made about not substituting.

Sure, he can still do the diet with great success.

I’m strict about the training program because so many people will choose ineffective and wimpy methods if you don’t outline something specific for them. But truthfully, as long as you’re not skipping muscle groups and you’re training with intensity, then you’re golden.

So, as long as he hits it hard and does the best he can with some good substitutions, the V-Diet will work fine for him.

Keep us posted about his progress.

Indeed I will. Thank you.

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