V-Diet Phase 2


I’m plateauing at 185 right now. I’ve lost 6 inches off of my waist and I’ve been walking on the treadmill, incline, 3 times a week. I’m taking the Fish Oil, FA3, and eat 2 boiled eggs with celery and carrots for mid-morning and mid-afternoon meals along with a shake for Breakfast, Lunch, and 3-Scoop shake at dinner. What else can I do to help my body burn more fat? Any suggestions?

  1. Add a fat burner like HOT-ROX if you can.

  2. Bump up weight training intensity and/or frequency. Maybe try complexes? See my article in the archives on that. Or throw in neural charge workouts from Thibaudeau. Lots of other program choices too.

  3. Calorie or carb cycle rather than sticking to the same low cals daily/weekly.

  1. I have the HOT-ROX. I take 2 a day. I can’t take anymore or I’ll go kind of bat-shit-crazy.

  2. With the weight training, I should add more weight to my exercises. I think I’m cutting myself short on those.
    A. Should I perform the complexes after my weight training?
    B. Neural charge workouts? I’ll have to read more about those because I still don’t understand wha they are. It’s just the idea and method of what it is and what days I should perform them, that’s my confusion. I’ll read more about that today.

  3. Cycling with carbs… Maybe I should eat more carbs on weight training days? That’s something I don’t really understand either. Is it eating more carbs on weight training days? For example, the two times I eat a day, would I add one of the following: pasta, potato’s, or rice?

I knew I needed more of something.


What’s the Set/Rep scheme for the neural charge sessions? I’d like to do these at lunch or my off V-Diet training days.


[quote]LeanCarlosBrown wrote:
What’s the Set/Rep scheme for the neural charge sessions? I’d like to do these at lunch or my off V-Diet training days.[/quote]

I looked at the Neural Charge section. I didn’t know what set/rep scheme to used so I saw in the video the gentlemen Christian was training performed 5 reps so I performed:

10x5 Plyo Push Ups
10x5 Speed Squat (135lbs).

All of this was performed during my lunch time(12:30pm) with 1-Scoop of Anaconda in 1-Litre of water.

Today is Phase 2, Week-1, Wednesday’s training session.

Will performing this type of neural charge training during my lunch effect anything?

Also, for both meals today, I’ve prepared egg sandwiches. Two boiled eggs, lettuce, tomato, wheat bread, and 1-slice swiss cheese. That’s for both(2) meals today.

Tonight, I plan on using more weight than what I’ve used before.

What do you think, Chris? Thanks!


Here’s the info on Neural Charge training if you haven’t read it yet:

Thibs goes into the details in the LiveSpill that follows that article. I believe he says you can do 1-5 sets every day if you want or even multiple times per day.

I’d get rid of all bread-type products for sure if you’re trying to drop body fat. If it’s made with grain flour, ditch it: wheat bread, pasta etc.

There are several guides to carb/calorie cycling in our archives from different authors. Check those out for details. Our new search engine will bring them all up if you toggle to “articles.”


Thanks Chris. I found an article on carb cycling and I’m going to include it with Phase-2 of the V-Diet and continue implementing the method after I’m finished with the V-Diet.

This is my ultimate goal: To join the Navy and become an EOD technician. The program they recommend is: just to get prepared for their Physical Screening Test. That is why I’ve been trying to get as light as possible with the V-Diet. When I begin to run, I don’t want to carry 185lbs, I’d rather carry 175. I feel extremely light on my feet when I walk, but when I run, it’s a completely different matter.

Do you have any advice or opinion regarding the eodphysicalprep? I’ll still use MD-Low Carb. But since I’ll be running 3 times a week, I want to use the MD Muscle Growth for the running days. During the days I am not running, I’d perform the push up, sit up, and pull up. I can already surpass their minimum standard at my current bodyweight. It’s only the running that will be a test of my will, and lungs.

I’ll still take FA3, HOT-ROX, Flameout, Superfood, and Leucine. At the same time, the carb cycling method will be applied as well. I just have to figure out what’s right for me and my slow metabolism. Luckily, the V-Diet made my stomach shrink to where I fill up with a sandwhich or a 10oz steak. Enough of the babble. I’m joining the Navy later this year after I leave Iraq as a contractor. I must thank you for the program and advice, Chris. Thank you.


Wow! From contractor in Iraq to Navy EOD technician… Can’t you just get a nice job at a florist or something?

Okay, seriously, I’ve spoken with a few experts on this type of topic and they all agree: the best way to get ready to run is to RUN. So that schedule they sent is a decent plan. And, as you said, the best way to make running easier is to lighten the load and make sure you’re not carrying any excess baggage. So, you’re on the right track.

Muscle Growth Formula, with its extra good carbs, should work fine. You may also consider something like MAG-10 or Anaconda to prevent any muscle loss as the cardio type activity is ramped up. Drinking some before and after longer runs or workouts will do the trick. Think of it as “muscle insurance.” Both are carb-free too.

Now, Chad Waterbury has a plan for pull-ups and push-ups that I think you’ll like. He’s written it up for TNation but I’m not sure when it’s going to run. Here’s the gist:

Day 1:

Pull-up: 10 reps
Reverse lunge with no additional weight: 10 reps with each leg
Push-up: 10 reps

The next day you’ll do 11 reps of each. The third day you’ll do 12 reps of each. And you just keep going.

Chad will explain all the details soon.