V-Diet: Overworked and Overweight

I work 60-80 hours per week between my full time, stressful office job and my part time game changer. Throw a family in the mix and the result is no time for the gym. I am tired of being out of shape with my regular diet of midnight frozen pizzas, Taco Bell and ice cream. With money being tight I could not afford supplements, but my part time job has paid off so well that I can now start the V-Diet (and take my family on vacation to the beach). I have changed my income, now I am changing my body.

Today is the first day of my V-Diet. I did this once before a few years ago with great success, but I remember having low energy and being quick to anger. Quitting is not an option for me, but I plan on this being a rough road. Hey, if it were easy, everyone would do it.

I started today with the anticipation that I am in for 4 weeks of hell with constant willpower struggles that I will overcome. So far I have had 3 shakes and am about to down the 4th and go to the gym. So far so good. I do feel a little empty as I am not extra bloated from my typical burger and fries lunch, but I do not feel hungry either.

I took pics and measurements yesterday and will post those a little later this evening.

Measurements taken day before day 1 of V-Diet (3/10).

Height: 6’3"
Weight: 242.3 lbs
Neck: 16"
Shoulders: 54" all the way around
Upper Chest: 49"
Lower Check: 47"
Waist at Navel: 42 1/4"
Waist at Largest: 42 1/4"
Hips: 40"
Right Arm: 17"
Left Arm: 16 5/8"
Right Leg: 24 1/8"
Left Leg: 23 5/8"
Right Calf: 17"
Left Calf: 16 5/8"
Right Ankle: 10"
Left Ankle: 10"


I just finished mine, and you’re spot on with it being a tough road, but bumps and tight spots aside, it was totally worth it.

Stick with it, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help if you find yourself getting overwhelmed or frustrated.

Looking forward to seeing your journey!

Rock on!

Good luck! I’m on day 2, right there with ya! Remember, not eating something is easier than eating something :slight_smile:

OK. I took my before photos on the evening before I started the V-Diet (3/10). The mirror lies to me. I did not realize I was in this bad of shape.

Front: Before

Right: Before

Back: Before

Left: Before

Day 2: The HOT-ROX Extreme had my body temperature through the roof. I felt like I was on fire, but this was not a surprise since I have taken this before. I am drinking my shakes as scheduled. The real surprise right now is I am finding I do not really feel hungry between shakes. I really expected that I would be a bear to be around, but so far so good.

Someone in the office brought in homemade cheese cake. Some team members know I am dieting and attempted to tease me with a piece, but it really had no effect on me. So far no cravings, but I know it is only day 2. To me it is all about how bad you want something. If you want something different, you have to do something different.

I do feel that I am coming down with a cold… I am starting to develop a runny nose and scratchy throat. I have sick kids at home so I am not surprised. I will check the label on Air Born and load up as long as it is sugar free :slight_smile:

I will post my beginning weight and measurements later this evening. I am just leaving the office for my commute to the gym to get in my treadmill at 2.0 incline and 4.0 mph.

Nice man, keep it up! Every journey starts with a single step.

A little yoga trick that has saved my constantly-surrounded-by-germy-people self more times than I can count - the pic above is a yoga pose called viparita karani (legs up the wall). It’s used often as an immune booster, so spend 5-10min in it tonight and tomorrow, too. Hopefully it’ll help you kick whatever you’re fighting. You can also get the kids into it - they might find it fun! If it’s a little too intense with your hips right up against the wall, just move further away so your hamstrings aren’t at 90deg to the rest of you. I also use it when I’m having a really cranky day, the change of perspective and calming effects really do help!

Enough yoga… Mirrors can be tricky, tricky little jackasses - they hide the bad, but they also hide the good so keep your sights on those after pics!

Rock on!


I appreciate the couple people checking out my logs and keeping me honest. Here is my update… don’t worry, I did not fall off the wagon so to speak. I have not cheated by eating foods other than my shakes and HSM.

Like I said I felt like I was fighting something off. I went to bed Tuesday before updating my page as promised. I was feeling it very difficult to have all 5 shakes in one day as I was not hungry at all during the day. On Tuesday I only had 4 shakes before I fell asleep (quite by accident on the couch). I woke up at 2am and had the last shake before going back to sleep. I did get 40+ minutes of NEPA in for over 2 miles.

I was feeling worse but continued with the diet and did my full workout. My workout almost killed me, but I pushed through it. My NEPA was taking the stairs all day at work (I work on the 3rd floor), walking at a slow pace for 30 minutes before the gym and 6 minutes of cool down treadmill at 3.0 mph after my workout. I was extremely exhausted after my workout that I did not do the 30 minutes of planned walking.

I was out of work sick. My whole body was hurting and even holding my 2 year old was challenging. I thought I could work from home, but I ended up passing out all day. I only had one shake in the morning because I slept all day. I woke up in time for my HSM :slight_smile: I went to Whole Foods and got a big field greens salad with a couple vegetables with olive oil and vinegar for dressing. For my entree I got turkey breast, roasted red potatoes and roasted vegetables. Dessert was a few pieces of honeydew, cantaloupe and pineapple. I had one more shake in the evening.

I was out sick again. I only had 3 shakes all day as I was laying low and really could not bring myself to drink more shakes. I did not actually go to the doctor, but I suspect I may have had the flu. My whole family was sick all week and one of my kids got a prescription for Tamiflu. I did not do my workout. NEPA was slight as I moved around a little.

Thanks for the tip accidentalyogi. That didn’t work for me largely because I suspect the flu and not just a cold like I thought at first. Its good advice for the future too.

Yikes, flu and V-Diet just doesn’t seem like a good combination. Hope you clear up and quickly and keep going forward!

I finally posted my starting measurements up in my original post. I took the measurements the day before the diet, but misplaced where I wrote them down. A little house cleaning and voila.

I have stayed strict on my diet. I did take 2 packs Emergen-C cold medicine to see if I can get better by tomorrow. There are 5 grams carbs per pack. I don’t count this as cheating as I am trying to recover from being sick. Maybe I am wrong…

Yesterday I finished the day minus one shake again. I chalk it up to being sick as I am still recovering. This thing really hit me hard. I am feeling better, but not 100% percent. I am contemplating my Velocity Challenge. Should I do it if not I am not feeling 100%? I am thinking a little exercise might do me good, but as I recall the last time I was on this diet my first Velocity Challenge really kicked my butt.

My goal today is finish all my shakes.

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