V-Diet Over, Where to Go From Here?



I posted my story in the Before/After section. I am very grateful for all the info here and the V-Diet for finally getting me over the hump.

I wanted to ask you about where to go from here. I still have a good amount of fat in my opinion. My lower back, lower abs and lower chest hold onto it. I do have a decent amount of loose skin also that I guess will take more time to dry up.

I am just so sick of being in a caloric deficit. All I want to do is gain mass but I dont want to end up back where I was before. What do you think, should I keep going and try to get every possible inch of fat of before I start to gain? Keep carbs really (<50g) low where they have been? Increase cardio?

Thanks again for all the help with the body transformation.






Great job, you look like a new man!

But you do not have a “good amount of fat to lose.” Trying to lose more will just make you a skinny guy and impair muscle gains, which should be your goal now.

I suggest getting on Indigo-3G and focusing on muscle gain. Indigo will allow you to eat more carbs, build muscle and keep the leanness.


Also, make sure you’re eating a wheat-free and milk-free diet. Add solid food carbs from things like rice. And be sure you’re taking care of workout nutrition with things like Anaconda.



Maybe the pictures are lying… I have fat in the lower pec, nipple area. It drives me crazy…Ive had it since I was in 2nd grade.

So if you dont think this is a problem, what range of Calories should I move to? I have held at around 1800 since starting the V-Diet, which I know if really low for me but it helped to shock my body.


I can see the puffiness in your before pics at the chest area. Have you thought this could me gyno? That usually develops in early adolescent though. Looks like you got rid of most of the fat there, but true gyno isn’t fat and you can’t diet it off. Something to consider. You made a major change there though.

As for calories, the key is to just start with a number and move up every two weeks based on results. It’s too different for everyone to use a formulaic number. Keep the food choices clean, no cheats, no wheat, no milk. But increase the good carbs, mostly from peri-workout nutrition. On the V-Diet you uses Surge Recovery. I’d suggest Anaconda during training now, no Surge.

And don’t panic if you gain a few pounds right away - mostly just water and glycogen replenishment, which was low when dieting down. You should feel more of a pump when training as you increase carbs.


I have thought it could be gyno for years…I went to a doctor a few years ago and he didnt think there was a hard lump. I still have reservations though, this pic isnt bad but if I took one without workout or being warm I can defiantly tell. I always thought it was weird that I held fat there when most fat males just have a tire around the waist.

That sucks about the Surge…I literally look forward to workouts just so I can drink that stuff after, ha. I have never tried anaconda though.

I have another question regarding MAG-10. I bought a bottle and did two pulse fasts during the diet with great success. After that though, the next two trys I threw up like 10 times about an hour after taking the first pulse. I tried a third time and only drank a little bit before starting to feel the same effects. I still have half the bottle. Do you think something in the flavoring couldve been bad? Or maybe my body had enough of only liquids…


For those with muscle gains as the main goal, you want pre- and during workout drinks, not so much after. The most effective plan is Anaconda just before and during weight training, then MAG-10 for post. Surge Recovery is good stuff, but it’s a bit dated honesty. Anaconda reflects the latest science in workout nutrition.

Never hard of that MAG-10 issue before, sorry. The formula has been updated in the last month or two though.


I was looking through the Indigo project, its somewhat hard to navigate. Once you buy the caps you are granted access to the specific program? Or is it not so much a specific plan like V-diet but just the pills with a peri-workout protocol?

Im wondering the amount of carbs to use and I see the peri-workout amounts depending on goals but nothing regarding the rest of your day or a workout plan.


You can train any way you want when on Indigo, but given its ability to increase work capacity, specialized programs are provided is you want to use them. Indigo users are granted access to these programs and semi-private logs. Here are all the info links:

Indigo Resources:

<a href=""target=“new”>What To Expect

<a href=""target=“new”>Basic Carb Guide

<a href=""target=“new”>Things to Avoid While on Indigo-3G

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<a href=“"new”>Info and Store Page


Ok, got it.

I plan on doing the I, bodybuilder program. Didnt there used to be an Anaconda protocal package deal? Do you know have to get everything seperate?

What body fat % would you guess I am currently? I thought I was 20% before but it seems like it might have been much more than that…

  1. That was for the old formulas. What you want now is Anaconda and MAG-10, and FINiBAR before training are a good addition. Just follow the label on the new Anaconda and you’re golden.

  2. I don’t play the “guess my body fat percentage” game. It’s irrelevant, and testing methods are notoriously inaccurate. What does it matter? You you like what you see in the mirror or you don’t. I haven’t tried to measure body fat in a decade and guys like Shelby Starnes, who competes in body building, have never bothered to get tested.