V-Diet Over 40

Maybe even 50?

I would think that the V-Diet and its effects would be slightly different for we ‘oldsters’. Are there special considerations that we older guys should have WRT to The V-Diet? More protein, less carbs? Will our Testosterone production crash?

Would using Spike be a good idea in the older guys? Raise the Alpha Male and lower the Surge?

Chime in, all!

I’m 40 exactly and I’m on day 21 so nothing too difficult about it and nothing I think might be age related.

I’m also 40 exactly, did the V-Diet, plan on doing it again, and I agree with JoeGood that I didn’t notice any age-related issues. If you’re taking HRX, that stuff has some pretty powerful stimulants already in it so you don’t need Spike on top of that. I believe the packaging even says not to take both concurrently. But you definitely want to take one or the other. I think, but I’m not 100% sure, that HRX has some T boasting compounds, but you can take Alpha Male if you think you’ll need it. I did fine without it.

You may want to check out Gus’s PC thread. He was 36 when he started the V-Diet and turned 37 in the middle of CT’s high volume bodybuilding workouts and his results were phenomonal. I don’t think the 3-4 years makes him all that much younger than me.

No changes for 40’s and 50’s really.

As for supps, since HOT-ROX already contains Carbolin 19 and so does the newest formulation of Alpha Male, I’d suggest Tribex Gold if you want a T-booster. This is what Dan John did:

Thank you, Mr. Shugart! Good info.

How often does someone get help from the inventor of something? Very cool!! That’s one reason why I’ve been with T-Nation since '02.


I’m 54, and am on day 5 of my V-Diet experiment. I initially intended just a trial run to check out the whey/micellar cassein blend I concocted, but I find myself somehow on day 5.

So far I feel fine. I have occasional hunger pangs, but not too bad. I’m not taking any supplements besides vitamins, the fish oil, the Fiber Choice, and of course the protein drinks (ie no HOT-ROX, etc - although I did order some ZMA).

One thing that worried me a bit was the lack of sodium on the diet. I don’t think that the protein/mc that I’m using has any (can’t remember if Metabolic Drive does - and by the way, I ordered some of that to try, but it isn’t here yet).

To make sure I get some electrolytes, I take potassium and calcium supplements (always do), and I am allowing myself one hardboiled egg, or a couple of stalks of celery, or a couple of dill pickles per day (salt on the egg or celery). I’ve read where others have added the egg or pickles (but I don’t think they did it for the sodium).

Anyway, I may start a thread on the forum if you’re interested.

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