V-Diet or Nutritionist


Hi Chris!

I’ve always been interested in the V-Diet, but I’m not sure it’s for me. I’ve seen other people post similar questions, at different body weights/types and I was hoping I could get some feedback.

I’m 5’8" 170 pounds. I’m currently on WS4SB (for about 7 weeks) and I’m hoping to get on Dan John’s Mass Made Simple program in the near future. In MMS, Coach John recommends leaning out before bulking up. My long term goal is to weigh at 180 - 190.

I’m considering either going on the V-Diet or hiring a nutritionist like Shelby Starnes before starting MMS.

What are you’re recommendations? I’ve attached a relaxed front shot, because I thought it might help with your assessment.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


Either one of those would be great choices. And I do agree with Dan John: always better to lean out before going on a dedicated mass phase.

My body comp was similar to yours when I designed the V-Diet: I wasn’t fat, but I wanted that “full-on-abs” looks, which had always been nearly impossible for me it seemed. The V-Diet helped me rip off about 16 pounds and 4 inches off my waist area. That’s a much better place to start a mass phase.

So, up to you. The V-Diet just takes the thinking, cooking, prepping etc out of it. You just dig in and do it. And the resulting changes in tastes and cravings can help you to keep it clean for life afterward. That’s why I call it “food rehab.”

But Shelby knows his stuff as well. So, both good choices for your goals.


Awesome! Thanks for the quick response! You said 16 pounds?! Wow! I know everyone’s body is different and will respond differently, but how long did it take you to lose that mass? Were the most “gains” toward the end of your V-Diet cycle or earlier on?

Thanks again!


Fat loss varies for everyone. The first week of the V-Diet most people drop some “bloat” and water weight along with fat. It’s not really about the week to week losses though, it’s about the final result and changes in tape measurements – which are more important than scale weight.


Something you should consider is what got you to where you are at today. If it was largely because of bad eating habits, then the V-Diet may be exactly what you need. For me, that was the best thing about the V-Diet, in that it helped me kick the habits that kept me fat for years. I had dieted down several times in the past, got lean, but it eventually all came back because once I was done with the dieting, I reverted back to my old ways. The V-Diet changed that for me. I no longer eat a lot of carbs, processed sugars, etc. It changed my eating lifestyle.

Just something to think about as you make your decision. Either way, good luck in achieving your goals.


Thanks Chris & hockeydawg!

hockeydawg, I did see the progress you made on the V-Diet and I’m pretty stoked to see the progress you’ll make on Indigo-3G! I’ll be following your log. I still haven’t decided on V-Diet, but I’m hoping to make my decision soon!


I bought the V-Diet and I’m really looking forward to it!

I wanted to field some questions I have.

  1. Should creatine be taken while on the V-Diet? It probably doesn’t make sense to retain extra water weight, but I’m asking because I think I saw some threads mention that creatine was part of their supplementation while on the V-Diet. I might be wrong.

  2. Should I take supplements other than those prescribed by the V-Diet. I ordered the full package, including HOT-ROX. I currently take fishoil, a multi, vit D, vit C, potassium, magnesium and calcium on a daily basis; should I continue to supplement this way while on the V-Diet?

  3. As mentioned earlier, I’m 7 weeks (8 weeks now) in with WS4SB, and I’m wondering if I can continue to run that program while on the V-Diet. I like the program I’ve been getting and I’m hoping to replace the V-Diet exercise program with WS4SB + the NEPA walks. Thoughts?

Thank you!

  1. You can use it if you want. Though keep in mind that if you’re not already using creatine, then the first week of usage is going to add some water weight, which could cause scale-weight freakout. (Another reason to avoid scales.)

  2. Your V-Diet package includes fish oil (Flameout). Multi probably isn’t needed but won’t hurt. The rest is fine.

  3. For best results, use the V-Diet training program. For one thing, the amount of Surge (post-workout drink) is set up for that program – 3 days per week of full body weight training. Train more and you need more Surge, which in turn makes you run out faster, which in turn makes you consume hundreds more calories and carbs per week…

Remember, the #1 cause of V-Diet failure is from people not following the plan and doing their own thing instead.

  1. I’ve been supplementing with creatine since late May, but I’ll just cut it out. It’s just an extra thing to think about.

  2. Perfect! I’ll probably just save the supplements I’ve been taking for when I’m off the V-Diet. Again, it’ll be one less thing to think about.

  3. I figured you would say that! (I did read your article about people trying to find loopholes, but I had to ask) Thanks! But with regard to Surge, I noticed that the 1 package provides 16 servings while the V-Diet prescribes 24 workouts. Even if you were to skip taking Surge after the V-Burn workouts that still leaves you with 18 weight workouts…

  1. You do not take Surge Recovery after the V-Burn workout. It’s not weight training.


That’s good to know, but V-Burn’s are only 6 out of 24 workouts…leaving 18 weight training workouts and only 16 servings of Surge…what do you take the remaining two workouts?


3 weight training workouts per week for 4 weeks = 12 times to take Surge Recovery. Servings provided: 16. You’ll have a few servings left over.

Note that the V-Diet package does not cover all of the Transition phase. That’s probably where your confusion lies. The package lasts 4 weeks basically.


that makes a lot more sense! Thanks Chris!


Sorry about that. We should be more clear about it in the store.

Please keep me posted on your V-Diet!


I’ll figure out how much more of everything will be needed for the Transition phase.

Yep, I keep normal log for my personal use (hours sleep, food intake, workouts etc) but I plan on starting a V-Diet log in the forums as soon as I get started. I ordered yesterday, so I’m hoping I’ll have everything by this weekend (I’m in New York) and I can prep out my ‘meals’ for the week.