V-Diet or Indigo-3G for a Woman


I am wondering what would be the best nutrition protocol to jumpstart fat loss for a 35 year old mother of 4 (youngest is 5 yrs), who has been absolutely stuck at 150 lbs for 3 years? Looking to lose 15-20 lbs of fat (get back to original prepregnancy weight) while improving strength and tone.

Tried many different diet and workout programs with NO results. Stays at 150 whether she is off diet and “cheating” or stringently on diet and WO program for a month (after 30 days of no progress gives up and goes back to “normal diet”).

Normal diet is very clean, mostly local farm meat and eggs, fresh fruits and veggies, basically the HSMs from Velocity diet with very few exceptions during the week, some but minimal sugar and gluten during week (certainly not daily). Walks, kettlebells, deadlifts, etc. Very frustrated at inability to make progress.

Wondered about slow thyroid because of perpetually cold hand and feet and inability to sweat, but doctor’s test said “normal range”. Still suspicious of underactive thyroid.

Anyway, which protocol would work better at breaking the metabolic logjam? V-Diet or Indigo-3G program?

What additional supplements would be helpful for a woman focused on fat loss? Rez-V? Se7en? Any others?



First, I don’t buy it. I’ve never known a single human being for whom diet and training didn’t work. The truth was always more like: half-ass diets, half-efforts, and lackluster, inconsistent training.

This person would quit the V-Diet after it “didn’t work” and would – if she trained hard and ate correctly – decide that Indigo didn’t work either because she’d be focused only on the numbers on the scale, not on body composition.

My advice would be do do one thing right, and for more than a few days, like, “Don’t eat the crap you already know is bad for you.”

The main supplement this person needs is Reality Check, which cannot be purchased but only discovered for herself.