V-Diet, One Week In - Help from the Ladies?

My husband and I started the V-diet last Saturday, so we’re a little over a week in at this point. Our first Challenge workout was yesterday - that’s an asskicker!

I have a couple of questions, hoping someone can help out (#2 is specific to women, but the others are just general things.)

  1. For challenge workouts, do you down Plazma like you would with weight lifting days? Or do you skip it on challenge days?

  2. Anyone women here have any experience with inositol and PCOS as it relates to weight loss? During this first week, I didn’t have a weight change (173.6 on the first day, 173.3 on day 7). I’ve read some things that inositol can help, but want to hear other’s experiences if they have any.

  3. Does it get easier from here? The first three days were easy for me, and rough on my husband. Then we seemed to switch places - he’s cruising happily, and I’m suffering. Stomach growling and massive hunger pangs through the day. We’re sticking to it, and I’m making some killer awesome dinners (low carb peanut chicken last night, cornish game hens and roasted veggies tomorrow!)

I really want this to work; we’re already 25% of the way there, so no turning back now!

No Plazma on the Challenge workout. On the two harder lifting days take two scoops and on the easier lifting day only one scoop

Do you have PCOS currently?

I always end up throwing the dice when cutting and PCOS. So far the only sure fire method I have found is to take birth control straight through my cut until the last 4 weeks. I usually have a cycle right after going off and then try to time my peak week and event to happen in the middle of my folicular phase. Unfortunately, not a lot of accuracy and more of a feeling things out or experimenting type thing. I am using a cortisol reduction supplement for my current cut. I still have 10 weeks to go so can’t comment if it’s working yet or not.

Sorry not a ton of help.

I have PCOS now, but I’ve lost about 90 pounds in the last few years (very, very slowly), so many of my symptoms are better. I cycle regularly at this point, but holy shit the carb/sugar cravings kill me. I use the Mirena (hormonal IUD) and that’s been working with my cycles. Maybe don’t get the other benefits of BCP though.

The one thing that I’ve noticed is how much better the Plazma makes me feel. I love work out days on this diet! I’ve been lifting with the hubby since October without pre and peri drinks like this, what a huge difference!!

Glad you found a way to be symptom free and have a regular cycle. From a health standpoint they are important. I love Plazma days too :slight_smile:

  1. I started taking Plazma before Challenges, but then stopped as I think the extra calories were not doing me any favors.

  2. I hope things are going better for you! I had the same experience- first few days were great, and got progressively harder as time went on. I got especially hungry around 4pm, so delaying my snack shake til then helped me not overeat at my HSM.

How are you guys doing now? How are you feeling? Keep on keeping on!

We’re almost there! This coming Friday is our last day. We haven’t taken tape measurements along the way, just watched how our clothes fit and how we feel, plus scale readings. It’s nice that everything is just a little too baggy, now!

For the most part, the hunger pangs have subsided; seems like we’ve both adjusted to the shake schedule. I think we’ve both managed to get through this with no cheating, so feeling pretty good about it! We both did bodpod sessions right before starting, so we’ll probably get readings the week after we wrap up.

If you had asked me a week ago, I would have told you I’m never drinking another protein shake as long as I live. Right now, though, I think it’ll be a morning staple, since I’m not a fan of breakfast anyway. =)

One more week! ALMOST THERE!

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