V-Diet on Vacation!

Ok, so it might not be a pleasure cruise…

I’m on a mandatory vacation courtesy of the US Govt. I get to live the life out here in Ramadi, Iraq. So, I figured, what better to pass the time than to drink your diet? Life’s a beach out here… There just isnt any water worth swimming in.

My name’s Greg, and I started this thing today, all my stuff was waiting for me when I showed up to work today, and figured I might as well just start this thing now, not like I’m going to be missing out on anything spectacular @ the chow hall, I get the leftovers whatever they cooked for supper, and my ‘dinner’ is breakfast.

I’m not missing out on much, although the food isn’t horrible out here most of the stuff they have when I go eat is fried, or some kind of fish. I HATE fish, and apparently so do all the people who eat dinner here dont like it either or else they wouldn’t try to reheat it and give it to me at midnight. I guess it’s a blessing because I’m not going to have the temptations to cheat on this thing that a lot of other people have.

My starting stats as of this post are fairly incomplete. I’m going to tape myself tomorrow when I leave for the gym to go walk… But here’s what I have as of weighing in as of lastnight.

Age: 23
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 230 in my workout attire (sweatpants/tshirt/shoes)
BF%: ~20% According to me taping myself and some strange thing they had at the gym.

The other measurements will have to wait for tomorrow, and possibly pictures if I can find someone with an iPod attachment, as they’re on my phone.

As for my goals, I’d like to just lose as much fat as I can so I go about a clean bulk without having to worry about my weight and waist blowing up (214 is max for my height). I am finally back in the gym after about 2.5 year hiatus from heavy lifting. I used to powerlift before I joined the service, and when muscular guys go to boot camp they shrink. I went in with a 365x1r max bench at ~250lbs and came out struggling to push anything above 185 @ 205lbs (not anymore, finally) and lost all the hard earned muscle from the years prior.

Add to that I re-injured my shoulder, was doing less pullups, and my knees developed some kind of tendonitis from running so damn much, playing hockey and skiing competitively for my years before I enlisted. So much that I didn’t run for about a year, and couldn’t lift heavy stuff in the gym because of my own stupidity and always hurting myself (mainly from crashing things, or sports injuries).

I’m finally healthy, relatively knee/shoulder pain free and I’m ecstatic. Add that to the fact that I dont have organized PT, no boots n 'utes runs, no stupid humps, no ‘combat conditioning’, all shit that when I’m finished I can barely walk up stairs. I can finally squat again!

I did my 1st workout, I’m doing the advanced program, it was fairly easy but I had a hard time with the overhead squats at first, I think I have the form down for next week so I can up the weight, that was some strange stuff for me.

Bent Over BBrow (I pulled my back recently doing deads so I started a little light to test it):
135x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5

OH Squats:


Ab Rollouts (knees):

Workout thoughts: Easy, but that’s what a lot of people say about day 1. We’ll see how much my shoulder likes these OH squats and ab-rollouts next week. I injured it playing hockey in high school and it was not happy with me, it’s never happy after shoulder workouts and usually lets me know about it. NEPA is incredibly boring, and I walk around base everywhere so I’m probably going to stop around 30 minutes of boredom on the treadmill. I’ll add weight to the dips next week, probably only like 25 lbs or so.

Well, I think I covered most of the bases. Time to get some sleep.

Take care!

I’m always impressed when our military folks are doing the V-Diet while deployed oversees. No excuse-making or waiting on the perfect time to do it; you just do it! Props!

One word about the training. Remember, the load recommendations are for the first set only. In other words, using your first workout, you were shooting for a load heavy enough to get only 4-5 reps max on set one. Now remember, it doesn’t matter how many sets it takes you to read the target reps (20 in your case). If you choose a load heavy enough, then you won’t get 5 reps every set. That means you went a little light. It should have looked more like this:

Set one: 5 reps
Set two: 4 reps
Set three: 4 reps
Set four: 3 reps
Set five: 2 reps
Set six: 2 reps

Or something like that. You might even get down to a single or two. My guess is you went too light (first workout, so that’s okay) or you rested too much. The rest periods for that workout were 30 seconds. If you did 5 reps every time, then you must have rested more than that, or you didn’t lift fast, or you just went too light.

No big deal, you’ll get it dialed in after a workout or two, just making sure you understand the program.

Keep us posted!

Thanks for the help with the reps/sets.

I went intentionally light on the bent over rows at first so i could gauge where I stand with my lower back being really unhappy with me due to getting a little overzealous with my deadlifts… I was pretty psyched up and went to pull 315 and it was way lighter than I thought nearly fell over backwards regained my balance and finished my set (8 reps), put me out of commission for a few days.

I’ll definately start with 225 next week. Mondays exercises are the only ones that I haven’t done recently so I’ll adjust here and there. Tomorrow will be good because I’m familiar with the exercises and what weights I currently use.

I usually lift with a LOT more volume than the program calls for, and I stuck to the time-frame very strictly. I started this right in the middle of my normal 5-6 day split… after a heavy shoulder day, and a heavy back day… So maybe going a little light hopefully wont cause that much of a problem.

I’ll get myself measured up and post my findings soon. I’m not in any hurrty to post pictures… HAHA. But I should to hold myself accountable.


Weight: 230
Neck: 16.5"
Chest (nipple line):45"
Chest (ribcage): 40"
Waist (smallest): 37"
Waist (belly button):40" also the largest
Hips: 43.5"
Upper Arm (Left): 15" (unflexed)
" " (Right): 14.75"
Wrist (L): 7"
Wrist ®: 7"
Upper Leg (L): 27.5"
Upper Leg ®: 27:
Lower Leg (L): 18" (right below the head of my quad
" " ®: 18"
Calf (L): 15"
Calf ®: 15.25" (I’ve got major chicken calf syndrome)

My legs have always been disproportionate to my body, but that’s what you get when you grow up on ski slopes, and let yourself get fat.

So, an update.

I did my 2nd workout. I was so light headed after my 1st set of RDL’s and with the pain shooting through my back I had to drop down to 135 instead of 225 and put on a belt. Back still doesnt want to do these, if there is something else I could do it would be great. If not, i’ll have to stay lighter than I want to.

I was so close to hurling for a while. Really kicked my ass especially with my body adjusting to the diet. I was still having trouble holding down the Surge post workout.

Hopefully my body adjusts to this thing quick, because I was a flat out zombie yesterday and i’m not much better today.

No real hunger issues, but I feel like shiat.

-End of Week 1-

Weight: 230 / 220 (-10 lbs)
Neck: 16.5" / 16" (-.5")
Chest (nipple line):45" / 44.5" (-.5")
Chest (ribcage): 40" / 39.5" (-.5")
Waist (smallest): 37" / 36.5" (-.5")
Waist (belly button):40" / 39" (-1")
Hips: 43.5" / 42.5" (stance?) (-1")
Upper Arm (Left): 15" / 14.5" (-.5")
" " (Right): 14.75" / 14.25" (-.5")
Wrist (L): 7" / same
Wrist ®: 7" / same
Upper Leg (L): 27.5" / 26.5" (-1")
Upper Leg ®: 27: / 26.5" (-1")
Lower Leg (L): 18" / same
" " ®: 18" / same
Calf (L): 15" / 14.5" (-.5")
Calf ®: 15" / 14.5" (-.5")

Total inches lost: 7.25"

I think that there could be some inconsitancies with my stance / where i measured my calves, but who knows. I’m not really looking to lose any size on my lower legs, it’s bad enough that they look pretty much like triangles to begin with. But whatever happens happens.

As far as the weight is concerned, 10lbs seems like a lot, but I had been going from anywhere from 227-233 the week before I started the diet. I’ll take it though, makes it look more impressive. I’ll do my best to get the pictures finally uploaded, but my situation still hasnt been cooperating with uploading pictures (I’ll get my user account banned here if I plug in a USB).

My V-Burn time was horrible (I tried the advanced one, big mistake), it made me realize how much I have let myself get out of shape. I finished 6 of the circuits before my knee started to do some funny stuff on the squat jump thingies and I decided with my injury history that it would be wise to air on the side of caution. I had to modify the handstand pushups because of my shoulder, that was not going to end well for me, that and the fact I would have probably broken my neck if I tried to do them when I was so gassed @ the end.

My time for 6 circuits was just a hair under 30 mins. I’m going to go down to the intermediate V-Burn next week, there were too many things that really irritated my shoulder. The twist pushups for example, anything that my shoulder twists/rotates while under load could lead to disaster.

2nd week workout 1:
BB Rows: 225x5, 245x5, 245x5, 245x4, 245x3
Ovherhead squats: 95x5, 115x3, 105x5x3
Dips: 35lb platex5x3 35lb platex4x1, ""x3x1
Ab Rollouts from the knees.

Felt good today, we’ll see how the next workout treats me compared to last week. I still cant do those damn overhead squats, it’s way light for my legs… I mean I dont even feel it, but I cant go up because I lose control of the weight.


I have done several rounds of the velocity diet and you’re right the overhead squats are difficult. I have found that if I hold the bar with a very wide grip, I can control the bar more easily. I even Googled the exercise on the net to try and figure out what I was doing wrong and how the Olympic lifters were doing the exercise.

It took SEVERAL weeks to get my back strong enough to place sufficient load on my legs. I believe I stayed at 95lbs for weeks. I can do 175 now and my legs are growing quite nicely on this diet. The interesting thing about a lot of the unconventional exercises is folks look at you like you’re a weirdo, see you making progress week in and week out, and then begin doing the exercises too!

Good ole Dave Drapper…

Hope this helps…have a great Memorial Weekend.


Thanks, JB. I appreciate the help!

I’ll try and grab the bar @ the collars next week, but the exercise is working my core/stretching my shoulders pretty hard even with the 105/115. I’m shooting for 135 next week. That sounds pretty funny to me, haha. ‘shooting for 135’

Got an interesting day today, I am switching from nights to days for a week, so I have to split up my schedule and get a few hours of sleep so I wont get all my shakes in today, and I’ll only be half rested when I do my workout tomorrow. Screw it, maybe this time I actually will pass out.


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