V-Diet on Night Shift

Hi Chris, hope you’re doing well.

I’m interested in the V-Diet, but had a concern.

From Sept - Dec, I will be working from 7pm - 7am, 3 to 4 times a week. On my off days, I plan to stay up until around 4am or 5am, so I can maintain my reverse sleeping pattern. Then from Jan - April, I would switch back to the day shift, working 7am-7pm.

Would the V-Diet work while on the night shift? I want to do it then since there would be alot less distractions during my waking hours, while everyone else would be sleeping. My concern is if it would still be effective, since our bodies aren’t programmed to stay up during the night. I know our metabolism slows down considerably after 8pm or 9pm.

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

Night shifts are always tough. You may want to spend a week or so adjusting before starting the V-Diet. Other than that, the main thing to keep in mind is that you need to spread the shakes evenly based on your schedule, not the schedule the V-Diet calculator will spit out for you (of course.) That’s a feeding every 3 to 4 hours or so. Do that and the diet should work the same. Some Z-12 will help you get to sleep in the daytime if that’s difficult for you.

Keep us posted!

Ok sounds good. Good point on adjusting my sleep pattern first and then doing the V Diet.

Yep, I will definitely keep you guys posted. Thanks for the help.

DEFINITELY get some Z12, and I’d recommend some melatonin, blackout curtains, and an eye mask as well. I worked nights for a few months, and it’s very tough on the body. Still, I didn’t find myself losing any muscle or gaining any fat, so I’m sure your V-Diet will be a success if you do it right.

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