V-Diet Nut Butter Question

Chris, Loving the fact that I can have some peanut butter every night. I have the good stuff - the only ingredient is peanuts. My question is the calorie count of my peanut butter is 190 calories. Could I get some real nuts (peanuts, cashews, whatever) and eat 190 calories in place of the peanut butter? I can’t imagine what the difference would be since the peanut butter is just ground up peanuts. Plus I would get to chew once in a while :slight_smile:


No. People don’t stop when it’s solid food and the avoidance of solid food is part of why the V-Diet works when it comes to breaking habits and instilling new ones.

It has been tried, and most who try it fail in the long run. I’ve got years of evidence.

Thanks Chris. Glad I asked.

Great time to give props to Chris for his amazing responsiveness. V-Diet is a tool. V-Diet with Shugart support is a weapon. Can’t wait to hear where you end up with MAG-10 and Plazma based evolution when you get to it, but I plan on never needing it.

BTW Chris - RJBelly responds well to tough love. Given your particular talent for it, you should feel free to give him both barrels when necessary rather than restraining yourself to one…

[quote]drewmoore867 wrote:
V-Diet is a tool. V-Diet with Shugart support is a weapon. [/quote]

Best compliment ever! Thanks!

Sometimes I hear “Shugart is a tool” but I don’t think they mean it nicely. :slight_smile:

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