V-Diet; Now or Never


Hello fellow V-Dieter’s!

This coming Monday May 14, I will be starting the V-Diet. Wholeheartedly, and with out reservation. My friends, my family, and my Job all know that I am embarking on this life changing boost back to a healthy life.

I will be doing my best to make daily posts, about progress, tweaks(if necessary), and pics as well. I am looking forward to the challenge, and breaking free of the bonds of this fat guy, who I don’t even recognize, that I have let myself become.

I will, post a Day 1 pic and weight on Monday.

Good luck to everyone who is on, or about to start this life changing experience!

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(I realized, this is more of a blog post than a forum topic. Sorry if this should belong somewhere else.)


I think it is a perfect post. This is your blog for your V Diet journey. Way to plan ahead. Read all the V Diet instructions: tons of helpful info there. Post questions, whatever. You will be awesome!


Thank you hooner!

I really appreciate your support!


Finishing up day 5 today and can already tell results. You can do this.