V-Diet Now or Later?

I’ve been bulking for about 15 weeks using Waterbury’s Huge in a Hurry program (the Get Big phase). I’ve gained almost 30 lbs on this bulk (I’m around 245 lbs now) and was not “lean” when I started the bulk.

I’m not sure how much of the weight gain is fat, but it could be a large portion of it. I’m fine with that as long as it comes off in my cut which starts in about two weeks.

Which leads to my question: Should I go immediately from a bulk (when I consumed about 17 cals/lb) to a severe diet such as the V-Diet or should I just follow Waterbury’s Get Lean phase (3 whole body workouts per week + three HIIT per week) and slowly reduce calories as needed to maintain consistent weight loss? If I follow the second path, I would probably need to resort to the V-diet after 2-3 mos in order to continue to drop fat.

What do you guys recommend?

I think I would follow the Get Lean plan in Chad’s book, along with the nutritional guidelines, then hit the V-Diet to bring it all home.

Thanks Chris. That’s the choice I was leaning toward. But I was tempted to start my cut w/ the V-Diet to get rid of as much of this fat as soon as possible. I’ll check in here again when I start the V-Diet after a few months of the Get Lean program.

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