V-Diet Not for Minors?

I’m 17, and I was wondering if there’s any age-based ‘disclaimers’ for the diet.

Yes. The V-Diet is for those 18 and up. Ideally, 21 and up.

Many of the supplements required have specific warnings against use by those under 18. And if you leave out the supplements, well, you aren’t doing the V-Diet.

Plenty of other good nutrition programs here at Testosterone though that would probably fit your needs. Honestly, I’m not so sure a 17 year old needs a strict “diet” unless he were obese. Don’t eat shitty foods, train hard, repeat. That’ll do it.

Not obese, here, but a working FFB.

Just trying to shred the last bit off, and the V-Diet looked like a good way to do it.

Thanks for the response.

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