V-Diet - No More Frumpy Wife!

So today is day one… So far I’ve made it through with no problems. Only 27 more days of hard core resistance left… This is supposed to re-train my bad tastebuds right? V-Dieters say log keeps you accountable, so here it goes… I’m doing it for me, but I want the husband to be surprised too. You ever feel like you just let yourself go? Like really let go? Yea, that would be me.

Nepa - 3 large dogs to motivate me to get up off the couch at night.
Eliptical in front of the darn T.V. too…

Today was workout day - Went well, no problems (I’m doing beginner first) I’ve lifted for 2-3 years consistantly but completely sabotaged myself with food. (I seem to have this portion control problem and love for sweets)

I know their is muscle underhere! Somewhere!

Height: 5’6
Weight: 158
Neck: 13
Bicep: 12
Forearm: 9
Bust: 38
Ribs: 31
Sm Waist: 32
Lg Waist: 35
Hips/Butt: 38
Thighs: 23
Calves: 15

Pictures to follow later… One attached of my youngest pup.

Wish me luck…

Sorry - Didn’t mean to post twice. (First time using computer) : )
Pic 2 first day of V-Diet.

Anyone - If I make an error – there is no delete button?

Welcome to the V-Diet, Frumpy Wife. You’ve got a real solid base there, you’ve built some muscle in that 2-3 years of lifting. After this V-Diet, you’ll be looking even more killer. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing your progress.

Thanks for the post. Day 2 almost over… 2 more shakes left… I should be going to bed early tonight… Tomorrow is workout day #2, Can’t wait to see how I feel.

After first day workout - pretty good, except that super sore quad feeling. Lower back sore from Rows… Over all good. I will try to do my NEPA earlier than later too. I got the bodybugg and love to see the steps and calories go! Yesterday 18,642 steps, Burned 2486 Cals!
Today - not so much yet… 1119 Cals, 4,000 steps, no Nepa yet though.

Woo hoo

congrats on making the decision, keep posting you will do great.

Hei Taylor , and welcome to the V-Diet .

Looking forward to see your progress and less “frumpyness” in the future :slight_smile:

Kind regards AndreP

Day 2 down, Wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t cheat, didn’t finish the last shake or all of my 4th… I ate the peanut butter off of a plate. It was so good.

Day 3 began well. Workout was awesome. Did some NEPA, will do more throughout the day… I made my first 3 shakes for the day, I added some crystal light to one, hopefully it tastes good. Looking for new flavors…

(Ok I cheated and looked at the scale… dropped 4lbs already) I felt guilty- had to tell.

hey, I’ve done the same thing with the peanut butter. I don’t know about others, but this V-Diet makes everything taste frickin delicious to me. Keep up the good work!

ha i put the crystal light in my shake for the first time last night, wish i had done that sooner.

Hey you responded to my log so it’s only respectable to respond in kind!

Yeah, the shakes are tough, but creativity can help. How’d the crystal light work out? I’m almost afraid to put anything like that in. Feel like being “textbook” about this as possible.

Congrats on your weight loss so far. I’m tempted to check myself, but I’m going to wait until the beginning of the 15th day to do so. Measuring, on the other hand, I want to do on Wednesday. Maybe you should consider doing that instead of weighing yourself? That way you’re not “cheating” but you’re still getting an idea of how you’re progressing!

Glad that there are others on here starting out too - you’re doing great!

Hey Dshroy - What kind did you find out worked the best for you? I tried welch’s grape but I think its a little too strong for me…

ZGrant - I will wait till my first week is over, then do the measurements! I’m pretty excited. Thanks again!

i just used lemonade flavor for my vanilla… it was glorious. esp cuz i have a bit of a sweet tooth

Perfect! Thank you!! I put more water in the Welch’s one. It tasted much better. I will try this evening for a snack.

How many calories, etc. are in the drink packets? I may be interested in trying this myself…

zero calories silly. Its pretty good. Just don’t use too much add a little at a time to see if you like it.

Day 5 today… doing good, except I think I over did it on the deadlifts on friday. Its sunday and I still can’t move… Hammis hurt so bad. I will do the best I can to get through my work out and NEPA today.

my wife prefers the chocolate shakes so I dont think that there are any crystal light flavors that would go too well with that. Thanks for the encouragement. I will be following your progress as well. Its funny how posting (accountability) changes the way one thinks about their goals. All of the sudden there is NO turning back!

Have a great day


Hey Taylor!

I really like how much muscles you have. This V-Diet should do wonders to your body. I’ll be following along.

If you have three similar dogs, I am sure your NEPA is no problem at all. I’d like to have a motivator like that… you sorta don’t have a choice but to get out!


Thanks MC! I just wish they would actually show up more! They’ve been hibernating due to this winter coat I’ve been carrying… : ) I will post more pics after the 2nd week. Thanks again!

I have been thinking of getting myself a dog for a while. I have some extra motivation now… I would like to have a NEPA buddy like you all.

How are things going?

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