V-Diet Newbie

Male- 41- 247 lbs

I started the V-Diet 4 days ago and have been enjoying it so far I have noticed a few things.
Overall body composition is tightening and decreasing. I am a big guy and am leaning out while still able to maintain strength in my lifts. I went from having a foggy mind and not wanting to get out of bed to a clearer mind. All of my joints feel better and there is a noticeable decrease in swelling. I have not had many sweet cravings but once in awhile the urge to have salt and fats hits me. I will post pics and measurements in a day or so.

Sounds like you’re on track.

For the cravings, especially if you’re going towards salt/fats, try incorporating them into the daily HSM so they don’t get out of hand. Salting food really isn’t a big deal, and healthy fats are, of course, crucial. Even if it’s just whipping up a bit of fresh guacamole or whatever, you can definitely work those things into the plan as long as you give it some forethought.

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