V-Diet Newbie

Hey, First off want to give props to everyone on this thread you are some die hard dedicated people and I hope I can get myself into that category.

For the last month I have been doing the elmination diet by Dax Moy and I am ready to start into the Velocity Diet! The Elmination diet cut out all caffeine,sugar,artifical sweetners, milk, cheese, wheat, and anything processed. It was hard at first but then I loved what creations I came up with cooking and when I first started I thought I was pretty limited but I found out I had soo much more variety in my diet when I ate clean. I will post recipes that will go perfectly for Solid Meals :slight_smile:

I have a photo shoot(bikini…ahhhhh) on Feb 10th, the date snuck up on me! So the V-Diet is a MUST for me and I can hopefully kick ass at it! I welcome all comments on my progress and please feel free to tell it like it is…I am a pretty straightforward kind of gal and take critique well!

If anyone has any suggestions that can really help me boost the V-Diet it would be much appreciated, I don’t mind being hardcore, I am one motivated chick.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check this out:

Woke up Late :)so I missed the morning shake!
10:00am 2 HOT-ROX
12:00pm 2 scoops chocolate, ice, water
3:00pm 2 HOT-ROX
5:30pm 2 scoops chocolate, ice, water
6:30-8:30pm WORKOUT

Circuit: 7x
(Didn?t know about the V-Diet workout yet)
10 reps Deadlift 60lbs
10 reps Front Squat 50lbs
10 reps Good Mornings 60lbs
10 reps Plie squat 35lbs
10 reps push press 60lbs

Forward lunges 25 reps each leg, 2 sets
Plank- hold 60 seconds, 2 sets
V-Sit up with exercise ball-10 reps, 4 sets
Sit-up 50 reps, 1 set

NEPA walk 45 minutes
4 incline on treadmill at 3.7mph
My heart rate stayed at about 155. For fat burn shouldn?t it be at 123? After I lift it is hard for me to get my heart rate down?

9:00pm 2 scoops of protein, ice, water and a little extra PB to help add calories for the missed shake! Best shake of the day!
9:30pm 2 fish oil completes.
11:30pm Bedtime

7:50am 2 scoops chocolate protein, ice, water
10:00am 2 capsules of fish oil complete (waiting for Flameout to arrive)
2:30pm 2 scoops chocolate, ice, water, coconut extract (Yum!)
3:00pm 2 Fiber Choice Tablets

Had a meeting from 3-8:30pm, they served food but I couldn?t eat and really couldn?t bring my blender into the conference room and make a shake so I survived on water and lots of it!

8:30pm 3 scoops chocolate protein, ice water, PB ( I added extra scoop to make up for missed shake)
9:00pm NEPA walk for 45 minutes
11:30pm Bedtime

  • I got a pretty bad Headache from the HOT-ROX yesterday so I took a break today. I have been taking HOT-ROX on and off for about 2 years and sometimes that much caffeine can give me a headache

Hopefully my schedule will calm down so that I can easily get my shakes in.

Those tips were great. Thanks!

5 more days for the phtoshoot!

How is it going?


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