V-Diet Newbie, Suggestions?

Well, I’m half way through my third week and things have gone… rather well. I’m 26 years old and started diet at 121kg and currently at 114kg. Basically, that’s 7kg in 2 and a half weeks. Which is… well, huge.

My only real gripe is the lack of Biotest products at the health stores I frequent. Well, complete lack of Biotest products, have yet to see anything in stock. Had to do with Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Whey. Been using L-carntine and an EC stack as well as the fish oil and multi-vitamin. Taking three tablespoons of psylium husks (fibre) and some glucosamine for my joints.

Funny thing is that I basically decided one night, before work started, to lose weight and figured this diet looked decent. I’d been ‘trying’ unsuccessful for 6 months and kept on screwing up and failing. One of the things this diet, so far, has shown me is that I have an all-or-nothing mentality. Either I go balls-to-the-wall hard or whinge, feel depressed and binge eat. One of the things I love about the diet is that its black or white.

Either you drink your shake or you fail. No buts, no ifs, nothing. I can’t really excuse eating anything that’s NOT a protein shake… because I can’t eat anything BUT a shake.

However, I didn’t really read much into the diet (besides the basics) and for the first week used half a cup of milk with every shake. The second week, onwards, I stuck with water only. The first week, for my HSM I went to a Japanese restaurant, ate ok-ish and felt like crap the next day. This week, I had a nice steak, salad and a potato and I felt great.

I think that it�??s been mainly trial-and-error and a lot of fine-tunning (timing of when to drink shakes and how many scoops to use so as to get caloric/protein/carb needs throughout the day)

I’ve been tossing up whether to add 1/2 cup of milk for my ‘breakfast’ shake ONLY, so as to give me a slightly fuller feeling to start the day off. I know you guys crucify ppl who suggest or even ask about milk on this diet… but, please… be gentle.

So… anybody got anything to critique/add/comment/flame me about? I’m all ears :slight_smile:

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