V-Diet Motivation

Soo I’m gonna be starting this V-Diet in a few weeks. (financial issues) I have a good feeling about this diet and i think it will be great for me to cut the crap out of my diet for good and start getting in much better shape. Just wanted some advice from those who have already done it. What kept you motivated throughout the 28days? What did you do to keep yourself from fallin off?


The first time I did the diet (version 2.0 I guess), I had a log book for workouts, measurement and stuff. At the top of the page I wrote down a very specific reason why I was doing the V-Diet for that individual day. It could be a body part that you want to improve via fat loss, a specific reason why you are seeking body re-comp or a motivational word or thought. Then just get through that day, then repeat it again the next day for the rest of the 28 days.

Chris’ post is spot on! When I went through the V-Diet, I just wanted to get super lean really, really bad, so that was enough for me. Yes there were certainly days that it was harder than others, and my wife will be the first to tell you that I would talk about food quite often. But, I never questioned why I was doing it, and never contemplated stopping or cutting corners.

When you want your goals more than anything else, more than you want to be comfortable or have immediate satisfaction, you won’t need “motivation,” as it’s just a drive that you should always have. The ability to sacrifice short term temporary happiness for long term success is essential for anything in life, especially training.

Long term success comes from long term intrinsic motivation and dedication to your goals. If you constantly need extrinsic motivation, long term success isn’t gonna happen.

Good luck!

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