V-Diet = More Calories...Will I See Results?

So I started dieting/working out 2 months ago, and I’ve had moderate success, about 13 lbs since then, estimating 3-4 lbs water weight. I started off losing very little weight (<1 lb) my first few weeks, so I kept on cutting back calories. For the last 3 weeks I’ve lost 1.5 lbs a week eating between 1300-1500 kcal per day.

The V-Diet menu that I have is telling me to consume about the same amount, 1485 calories regular, 1815 on workout days. This may sound like a silly question, but, if I follow the V-Diet to the letter, and, on average for my NEPA get 90 minutes a day (that’s all the time I have to work out usually), what sort of results should I expect to see?

PS: forgot to include, I’m 22, 185 lbs (was around 198 at the beginning of Jan), 5’9", estimating 24% BF, but I’m really not sure about that. I already ordered my v-diet food, and its scheduled to arrive tomorrow, I’m excited :slight_smile:

Sorry, my crystal ball is broken. I can’t predict your weight loss. But follow the plan perfectly and I think you’ll see great results. Sometimes eating too few calories slows the metabolism, and adding more - as the V-Diet does for you - reignites fat loss. The rest will depend on the effort you put into your training and how strict you stay when on the plan.


Listen to chris… this is tried and tested program and you will be eating under maintainance for your body and your only getting quality calories…

if you were going to ask anyone about something that would be an ideal way to shed fat off your body…

And at 24% if you just make sure to hammer it in the gym i am sure that you will loose weight… so start doing it start blog with pictures and meassurements !

Alright, thanks for the response. I’ll be starting the V-Diet on saturday, and I for sure plan on making a training log. See you in a month or so!

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