V-Diet Modified Day 1 to 28 from a Newbie Lifter

Hi all, since today I start the V-Diet, modified by me :

1 - I prefer Intermittent Fasting. So I eat only at 12:00 and 19:00.
2 - My work is a littIe physical, so no cardio. I train monday, wednesday and friday at 16:00, so fasted, but around 45 minutes before and just after my workouts, I use 3g of HMB, and 5 grams of Potassium Bicarbonate.
3 - I do the famous 5*5 program, with only four sets, and the first is at 50% of the three following sets.
4 - My stats :

1m88, 83 kilos, around 12% bodyfat

5 - Mensurations : Only the major mensurations :

Chest @ 97cm
Biceps, right @ 33.5cm (ouch…)
2" above navel @ 83cm
Navel @ 88cm
2 " below navel @ 92.5cm
Hips @ 94.5cm
Right tight @ 60cm

6 - And finally, my macros : Training day : 195 protein, 130 carbs, around 20 fat, divided in two meals : First : 60P, 5-10F, 10C, and all the rest : 130P, 120C, 10F 1h30-2h after my workout.
Non training day : 195 protein, 20 carbs around, 20 fat around, I eat like the other days.

7 - Estimated fat loss : 0.5kg per week, 4 weeks : -2kg of fat (actual : Around 10 kilos) Muscle gain can occur…

8 - Objective : 81 kilos, around 10% bf. Actual lean mass : Around 72kg. Photos at the 28th day, for more surprise !!! :slight_smile: Actually I have a " non-visible 4-pack". 4-pack is visible when I work my abs, for exemple.

After this, I go on a maintenance for one week, or if I don’t feel tired, I go for 6 weeks, or even 8 if really I can maintain my strenght and if I don’t loose muscle. Then let’s go for another V-Diet, preceded by a one week maintenance if I don’t have a visible 4-pack, or if I’m not happy with my results. If I have a 4-pack in 28 days, 2 weeks maintenance, then a 12 weeks maintenance-very very slow bulk (200 to 300kcal surplus average per day).

See you tomorrow, between 17:30 to 18:30 France time, for the day two ! :slight_smile:

So to recap, you’re doing “the V-Diet” with what looks like a few meals per day with no shakes, different daily macros, a different eating schedule, a different approach to workout nutrition, and different workouts.

Exactly which parts of the V-Diet do you think you’re following?

I can’t even.

Dude, you just love modifying things. Stop. For your own benefit, stop.

But Chris… I do exacty the same routine the last 2 monthes, excepted with 600 calories more in carbs and 600 in fat the training days and 800 calories more in fat the non training days. Protein is the same, in the last 2 monthes I can confirm that I have VERY good results. I think I’ve loosed 2% bf while gaining 500-1kg of muscle.

But now, by cutting 80% of my fat intake and 50% of my carb intake the training days, I just want to see real rapid results. Food cravings ? I eat only 2 meals per day in a 8 hour window, in the past I was eating only one meal per day same hour each day during 3 monthes and it was the better period of my life with that ! Do you think I’m not able to do this ? I was an obese, 40kg loosed in 6 monthes, from 120 to 80 kilos, two years ago.

Why 5*5 ? I’m a newbie, and want to maintain my strenght. I lift, It’s the most important. I can’t follow a guide, 'cause when I make a mistake, I’m too stressed, make other errors, then if I don’t like what I do I will quit very rapidly.

People just showing great results without the supp’s and other workouts that recommended workouts. Sorry but I have a very limited budget, and protein shakes, etc. all of that (artificial flavours, milk proteins, eat each X hour), I don’t want to do that. Tested, loved, now I want to stop that. Just loosed thousands of €’s in supps.

Day 2 : 84.4kg, full of water, due to a high salt consumption in proteins, water retention.

Mensurations two times per week : wednesday and sunday.

I follow the very low calorie style, with carbs only on training days. I know my workouts are just 45 minutes 3x/week, before it was 75 minutes 3x/week, 5*5 routine with 2 light sets before doing the following 5.

I was a gym rat during 2 monthes, cardio 2 times/week, lift 6 days a week… No really results, 1 kilo loosed, bf loosed, muscle gain was almost inexistent, due to the high stress.

Ok, so there’s really nothing at all related to the actual Velocity Diet in your plan. You’re simply following a fat loss diet of your own design.

That’s fine, but this thread doesn’t belong in the V-Diet Support forum. You really need to start one over in the Training Log forum.

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